July 2012

Daily Style – Black & White

Bolero – St. John; Maternity Tank & Jeans – H&M USA; Necklace – DIY by me The feet have officially swelled to epic proportions, just as I had predicted.  Style shoots are going to be a bit precarious now for the next few weeks, if they even continue to happen.  We went out to dinner […]

New DIY Supplies – Wire Guards

I’m always on the look out for new craft and jewelry supplies to add to my repertoire. Ha! I love combining craft and repertoire in the same sentence. Anyhow, a few weeks back I was talking to my local jewelry supply guy and telling him that sometimes, my wire slipped through the opening of my […]

Sandalista Giveaway

Flip flops in Southern California aren’t just for summer; they’re usually worn year round and are in many ways a way of life. So us Southern Californians are picky about our flip flops. For a while I stuck with Havaianas, but when our friend Will, an expert in the shoe industry, branched off and started […]

Sunday Color Love – Warby Parker Crystal Collection

I love my Prestons from Warby Parker so much, and they’ve changed the way I look at glasses.  Wearing glasses since I was 8, for years I just slipped them on before bed time after I took out my contacts.  But since getting a pair that I actually love, I wear my glasses just as […]

Introducing The Craft Cabinet

When you’re passionate about something, especially if it involves anything somewhat businessy related, I’ve found it helps to have a partner in crime.  With each of the companies I’ve worked at before, I always had a person or two that I could go to and bounce ideas off of, share frustrations, share things I was […]

Big Belly Project

Hello everyone!  I’m back from our 5 day trip up to the mountains, where I did everything from fishing, to hiking to getting the best massage of my life.  I’m tired but ready to unpack and get back into the swing of things, which includes blogging!  I’ve missed it the past 2 weeks and am […]

Break Time

I’ll be taking a little break for the next few days to spend time with my family and catch up a bit.  We’ve had construction going on in the house, getting things ready for baby, and there’s just lots to be done to finalize things.  And I’m running out of steam a bit as I […]

Daily Style – Moving On

Shirt – Old Navy; Jeans – Gap; Shoes – Dolce Vita – Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs; Pins – BanDo; Earrings & Ring – Kate Spade I bought my first non maternity item for after the baby is born yesterday from J.Crew’s crazy good sale.  I saw it, a floral pencil skirt, and I […]

Daily Style – Think Cool

Skirt & Tank – Old Navy; Sandals – Red Valentino; Bag – Reed Krakoff; Necklace – DIY by me; Watch – Michael Kors; Ring and Bangle – Kate Spade There’s a man that sells these amazing African beads at the flea market each month and while I’ve admired them for months, I didn’t really have […]

Daily Style – Maternity Shoot Part 2

Besides the sparkly dress I showed you all on Wednesday, I also took photos in my favorite dress purchase of the year, this tie dye number from Forever 21. As an after thought, I decided to pack a really casual outfit to change into as well and while I love these shots too, these remind […]