25 Neon Inspired DIY Projects


With the conclusion of my Valentine’s Day projects a couple of weeks back, it occurred to me that I had completed a whole year’s worth of holidays and DIY crafts centered around neon. When the neon trend came about in early 2012, I wasn’t automatically smitten, but after a couple of months of seeing everything from neon glitter, to neon skinny belts, I realized how much I did indeed love it, especially when styled back to neutral and white. The trend inspired me to devote a whole week of content, of nothing but neon projects, here on the blog, but it didn’t stop there, and continued into more projects and holidays for the rest of the year. Because we spent a majority of our time this past week together as a family, I don’t have a new project to share with you all, but I thought this round up of all my past neon projects would be fun to share, since I’m sure many of you who are new here aren’t familiar with all of them. So let’s get started shall we? Neon-Easter-Table-Decor Easter Table With A Neon Twist (contributors project for Making It Lovely) DIY-Neon-Glitter-Notecards DIY Neon Glitter Notecards

DIY-Neon-Painted-Canvas-Tote-Bags 4 Great Neon Painted Canvas Bags

Neon-Bow-Canvas-Tote-Bag Plus One More Just For Fun DIY-Neon-Bow-Shirts Neon Bow Shirts For Girls
DIY-Graphic-Neon-T-Shirt Graphic Neon Shirt

DIY-Neon-Bangles Neon Rhinestone Bangles
DIY-Neon-Chain-Necklace Neon Chain Link Necklace DIY-Neon-Painted-Dinosaurs Neon Painted Dinosaurs DIY-Neon-Manicure Asymmetrical Neon Manicure

DIY-Neon-Polka-Dot-Pots Neon Polka Dot Pots DIY-Neon-Polka-Dot-Tray Neon Polka Dot Tray (contributors project for Making It Lovely) DIY-No-Sew-Neon-and-Leather-Clutch No Sew Leather Clutch Neon-Dip-Dye-Chair Neon Dip Dye Chairs Neon-Nursery Hayden’s Neon Inspired Nursery

DIY-Neon-Artwork Neon Artwork (contributors project for Making It Lovely) DIY-Neon-Pumpkins Neon Halloween Pumpkins

Neon-Thanksgiving-Table-Decor Neon Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape DIY-Neon-Holiday-Artwork Easy Neon Holiday Artwork

DIY-Neon-Heart-Paper-Chains Neon Heart Paper Chains DIY-Neon-Valentine's Neon Valentine’s

neonvalentines Neon Valentine’s Color Alternative

Twenty five neon inspired projects, not to mention all the times I wore neon in a style post, and I’d say that certifies me as a neon crazed nut.  But I’m good with that.  Clearly Neon was my favorite DIY trend from this past year.  What was yours?  Ombre, paint chips projects, Mason Jar projects?  The list is endless of inspiring points of interest for us DIY’ers, and it’s always fun to see new trends emerge.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of 2013 brings.  For me, I think neon has run its course.  So onto bigger, although I’m sure not brighter, projects!

Andrea Howe

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