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This past week saw the rise and fall of big plans for Valentine’s Day crafting; with a husband out of town, unpacking after Alt, and then 2 sick boys, crafting took a backseat. I did have a chance to get out of the house on Friday night and visit Danni’s new free standing shop, Oh Hello Friend, where I picked up some great prints to hang above my desk. It kick started me to start and complete my wall of affirmations this weekend, and so something did in fact get done in the create category. I have been holding onto some of these prints for months now, waiting for the right frames, the right inspiration of how to hang them, and I finally just decided the hell with it and hung them with washi tape in a stair step pattern, and I really love how they came out. IMG_9672 My favorite print reads: “Today, do great work, don’t waste time, be kind, make it happen, be awesome, do what you love.” Amen. Final-Gif I did find some alone time on Sunday to do a bit of crafting and all I managed to get done were some heart paper chains, but I think that’s plenty for this year’s Valentine’s Day decor. I’m really going to try and go simple for most holidays this year and so this will be the extent of decorating for the day of love; but at least I got Taylor and I covered, the only ones that really even seem to care about Valentine’s Day decorations.  Also, this is the heart punch I use, and I love it.  It’s by Marvy Uchida and is still going strong after many, many uses.  It’s also used for making the ombre heart tote bags. IMG_9573 IMG_9600 For my office I went with my favorite color combo right now, mint and neon pink, and for Taylor I did an traditional pink ombre. Untitled-1 IMG_9576 IMG_9577 One other project I was able to get to Saturday night as the kids watched a movie on my bed, was painting my cork board tiles white. After pinning this a few days ago, I went from pin to reality in 3 days, a record for me. Next I’m going to try making this Baked Oatmeal Casserole. Doesn’t it look delicious? IMG_9596 IMG_9597

So overall a successful week of creating, even if it wasn’t on my original create list. Did you guys get anything accomplished this past week in the create department? Please let me know if you did, with a link to a post or a new recipe or whatever. Also, if you’re on Pinterest, let me know your account name! I am still only following the same hundred people that I started off with almost two years ago! Would love to find some new friends to follow! And don’t forget to tag all the ways your creating this month with the hashtag #52weekstocreatefeb on Instagram! This month’s winner will receive a shop credit to The Paper Source.

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