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Dress – ASOS Maternity; Tennies – Converse; Necklace – DIY by me; Watch – Michael Kors; Bangles – Kate Spade

It’s so funny to see trends come in and out, and with each trend it seems that the younger generation claims it as their own, or at least claims to have a lock on the updated, better version of the trend.  Most recently NEON made a come back, as well as barrettes, both of which I distinctly and fondly remember from the 80’s.  With both trends, claims are made that this current way is better, more sophisticated, and while I can’t necessarily disagree that the neon of today looks better than the neon of yesterday, I think it’s chic factor speaks more to our current tastes rather than one generation’s ability to reinterpret a trend better than another.  Take harem pants for instance, there ain’t no way anyone can make those pants look like anything more than a sagging diaper.  I’m sorry, it’s the truth, some trends should never be repeated; and some trends will look better when left dead for 30 years and then brought back to life.

Another reemerging trend to recently hit the scene are tennies, and wearing them with all types of outfits from dresses to shorts to jeans.  I recently read an article containing tips from a celebrity stylist on how us old folk could carry off such a look without looking like a teenager, as if tennies were solely invented for younger girls and women and we needed an instruction manual to  wear a pair of sneakers.  While the current trend may encompass $300 designer sneakers with fancy details and designer labels, Converse will always be a classic, never go out of style, despite what the trends are, and I can wear them with any look I choose.

My family threw me an amazing baby shower today and I couldn’t have loved it more.  It was truly awesome and I appreciated the thought and love that went into each detail.  It was an exhausting day though, so while I wore these sweet bow flats pretty much all day, when it came time to clean up and get down to business, I changed into my Converse.  Functional, cute, and hey, I think they look kinda cute with the dress.  I have no idea if this would be how a 22 year old hipster would wear it, or if I’m on-trend, but I like it and I feel good.  So there.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a good week.  It’s finally starting to warm up here and I couldn’t be happier about that.  I’m ready for summer!  Linking up to Monday Mingle.

Andrea Howe

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