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{bed coat – target; tanks – james perse; boyfriend jeans (they still fit!) – gap; heels – shoemint; bag – kate spade; necklace – diy by me; watch – michael kors; sunglasses – coach c/o nordstrom rack}

Friday Miranda and I ventured to Downtown LA and had a very fun and productive day.  We started at my favorite bead shop, which I’ll share with you next week.  Then we went to the Hatch Showroom to interview the owner Kay Sides and were in awe of how beautiful the space is.  Then a fun and quick lunch at the Nickel Diner to call it a day.  It’s been fun having a partner to do some shoots with; makes this blogging adventure a little less lonely.  Thank you Miranda for helping me out, especially since in the mean time I can only pay you with cute Target hats and lunch!

p.s. as I type out my outfit details, and I am carrying this Kate Spade bag again, it reminded me to ask you guys.  How often do you change out your bag?  I never do!  I usually carry the same bag for a year until it gets so trashed I buy a new one.  I appreciate other ladies that switch out their bags to suit their outfits, but I’ve just never been one to do that.  Do you worry about it, or are you like me and can’t be bothered?

all photos by Miranda of M. Shanti Photo

Andrea Howe

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  • Melissa Dell says:

    Before I never switched out (unless we were going out at night and didn't want my big purse). I'd buy one, use it for a year or so, then store it away and get another. Now with the baby & diaper bag, I rarely use a purse. I have a small "Powder room case" from Petunia Picklebottom to use as a clutch and throw it in the diaper bag, or use it alone. If I'm ever "baby free" for a day, then soemtimes I'll take out the important cards and use my MK purse.

    Switching outfit to outfit is hard and when I would try it, I'd always leave something in that other bag. Like my chapstick. And then I'd be mad all day because my lips were chapped. LOL

    • Andrea Andrea says:

      that's the exact same problem I have, always forgetting to switch everything out. OR! I leave little bits of trash/wrappers/odds and ends from the kids in the bag I'm switching out of because I'm in a hurry or lazy, then end up with 2-3 bags that have bits of junk in each of them. I hate that!

  • Heather says:

    Love the outfit! And I am with you… I never switch out my purse. My last 2 bags I've carried over a year before switching. It's too much trouble! And once I find a good bag, I am committed. :)

  • the Blah Blah Blahge says:

    Ya, I only switch to evening bags when needed and then buy new ones when the main bag starts to look worn.

    I wish I was a shoe and bag person, but I have enough vices at this point. ; )

    • Andrea Andrea says:

      Yah, I'll switch out a few items into a smaller evening clutch but that's the only time I do. too much work, and I've never been a bag person either. But definitely a shoe person :)

  • Alissa @ Rags to Sti says:

    I wish I could say I'm a shoe and bag person. I love both, but when it comes to wear I spend my money, I always choose clothes. haha

    I usually favor one purse all the time.

    I love this outfit on you! You look beautiful.

  • Miranda says:

    I adore my diaper bag, which has been my constant for the last 2.5 years. I do toss just my keys, phone, lipstick, sunglasses and wallet into a little red cross body bag when I'm headed out sans children.

    It's a lot of work to switch out bags! I'm like you- love'm then leave'm 😉

    • Andrea Andrea says:

      yes, it's essential to have a quick go to back for sans kids. Sigh, I'll be switching to a diaper bag again soon.

  • nicole says:

    I switch to match my moods, not my outfits. I am somewhat seasonal in my bags, but really just carry what I love.

  • amber says:

    I love this outfit on you! so stylish and trendy but still looks comfy!

    i switch my bags out but not as often as i used to, takes too much work and inevitably I leave something important in the old one.

  • Annie says:

    Oh, I'm a shoe and bag person all the way. That being said, I don't really switch to "match" my outfits anymore; I used to, but it's such a hassle! (And, like you, I'd wind up with a bunch of bags with random bits of trash and junk in the bottom. Lovely.) Anyway, when Jordan got me a Longchamp bag a couple of years ago, I carried that thing EVERYWHERE. I still think it's my favorite. For now, though, I'm carrying a Fabric and Handle bag that I love; I wouldn't be surprised if I made another purchase from them later; their stuff is so well-made!

  • Shon says:

    Great post! I use to love shopping and working downtown LA. Love the bead stores!! I just switched out my bag from Christmas. I usually will carry a bag for a couple of months and then switch out. I have seasonal ones and around Summer I carry simple totes that can take a beating and hold tons!; You look great!

  • Elaine Klimek says:

    Andrea! You are the cutest and I love your new blog! I dont have a lot of time to spend reading Blogs but whenever I see yours, I am in love with everything you post and you are a great writer. You look gorgeous. Cngrats on the new babe on the way :)


  • Kristin (BonBon Rose says:

    Totally diggin' the kimono cardi!

  • giorgia says:

    Love the top, just browsed target and could not find it…

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