Graphic Neon Shirt


(neon t-shirt – Mossimo DIY’d by me; jean jacket – Nordstrom; jeans – Gap Maternity; shoes – ShoeMint; bracelets – vintage)

I don’t think I ever told you guys just why I’m so excited about neon making a resurgence, have I?  Well plain and simple, it’s the first trend I clearly and distinctly recall being a huge part of my life during my childhood, and to see it so beautifully reinterpreted for our current times?  It makes me giddy beyond belief.  I can now relate to how my mother felt when wide leg jeans made a comeback (we will call them wide leg jeans and not bell bottoms ok?).  And yes, even pregnant girls can sport some neon right?  If this isn’t showing you how to take a trend and make it work for you, then I don’t know what is.

Because I love you all so much, I’m including the simple tutorial on how to make your own little geometric inspired neon shirt.  It includes some of my favorite mediums, fabric paint and good ol’ freezer paper.  Directions after the outfit pics…
Supplies: fabric paint, t-shirt, xacto knife, freezer paper, pen & sponge brushes

I love neon back to neutrals so I experimented a bit with a gradated color effect here, building the color off of beige.  To achieve the beige color I just took Tulip fabric paint in linen and added a spot of brown to it.  The rest are their standard neon colors.  An important note, make sure to place a rag between your t-shirt layers, especially when working with such a light fabric as cotton knit.  Your paint will indeed bleed through.  Oh, and of course iron on your freezer paper before painting in.  I guess I’ve done so many tutorials with this medium I just assume that’s a given and didn’t include it in the picture above, but ironing on is how you create your perfect stencil!  The t-shirt was from Target for $8, so in all this project cost less than $10.  Enjoy!

Andrea Howe

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