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Dress – ASOS Maternity; Shoes – Dolce Vita; Necklace – DIY by me; Earrings – Stella & Dot; Bangles & Watch – Kate Spade & Michael Kors

If you give a girl some beads, she’s going to want to make a necklace.  If she makes a necklace, she’s going to want to wear it.  If she wears it, she’s going to want to get dressed up. If she gets dressed up, she’s going to also want to put on makeup.  If she’s dressed up, wearing make up and wearing a fancy necklace she made herself, she’s going to want to do a photo shoot.  In the middle of the day.  If she does a photo shoot, she’s going to act silly and make funny poses.  She’ll also make her husband laugh and he’ll do a little flirting.  She’ll flirt back and she’ll make him smile.  They will have fun.

See how rewarding making a necklace for yourself can be?  Head on over to Making It Lovely’s site to get the full DIY tutorial.  Psst!  It’s easy, inexpensive and you can find the beads at Michael’s.  Say what?!  Yes, Michael’s.

P.S. I did use this opportunity to make sure this dress still fits and isn’t obscenely short now that I’m quite a bit bigger since the last time I wore it.  It does fit!  Now I know what I’ll be wearing to my friend’s birthday party this weekend, hooray!  So see, I killed multiple birds with one stone 😉  Happy hump day friends!

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