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(Jacket – Dolce & Gabbana; Shirt – American Apparel; Jeans – Gap Maternity; Shoes – Dolce & Gabbana)

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated thirteen years of marriage.  When he asked for my hand in marriage over thirteen years ago, my dad replied “Are you sure?”  Lucky for me he’s a bit of a risk taker and said “Yes!”  It’s been overall an amazing thirteen years together.  We kept it simple this year and didn’t exchange gifts and just visited a local restaurant that we hadn’t been to in years.  We were done by 7:30 so we could get the kids home to bed.  Not the most exciting of anniversaries ever, but it was perfect for us.

I decided to break out the good stuff and wore two of my favorite pieces from my old days working in designer.  I only own a few really nice things, this Dolce & Gabbana jacket, being one of them.  Back then, it was common for all the girls I worked with to wear designer shoes and clothes everyday but it always gave me heart palpitations to think of spending so much on shoes or clothes.  I was on a business trip with my boss once and the suit that this jacket went with was on triple discount markdown.  It fit me like a glove and I will admit, I felt different in that suit.  I bought it and looking back, I’m so glad I did.  I’ll probably never, ever buy something designer again, but at least the one thing I own is a true classic, a khaki colored suit.

The shoes are also Dolce & Gabbana from 2004 and I haven’t worn them in years.  I posted a picture of them on my Facebook wall yesterday with the caption “good design never goes out of style”.  Indeed that’s true. On a side note, I felt very funny posting this outfit because of the higher price point items.  After all my whole mantra is about making style more approachable, and designer isn’t really approachable.  But this was a different time in my life, one that I’ll probably never relive again.  If anything, it’s a testament that no matter what the label, a lovely pair of heels and a good fitting blazer have eternal life and value.      Styling tip: When wearing heels in spring, give your jeans a loose, messy cuff for more of a casual, yet still dressed up feel.

Maternity styling tip: Wearing maternity shirts all day can leave you feeling a little bit frumpy.  On occasions when you want to feel special throw on a jacket, vest or other layering piece from your existing, non-maternity closet, to feel a bit more pulled together.  Adding more layers over the bump will make you feel bigger, but open layers leave you feeling polished. Going forward I’ll be including styling tips (and maternity styling tips) for each look.  Just a little something to help pull your look together and give you insight into how I get dressed everyday.  I hope you enjoy them 😉

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