Daily Style – Week 2


Pleated Skirt – Nordstrom; T-Shirt – James Perse; Necklaces – Lisa Leonard; Sandals – J. Crew; Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs; Belt – Gap

When this pleated skirt last made an appearance, I was wearing it as a dress and about 6 months pregnant.  The time before that, I was slim and trim and wearing it back to snakeskin heels and a leather jacket, so the fact that it’s taken me through several body stages, and can be worn casual or dressed up.  That’s a sign of a good investment piece.

As I said on Friday, I’m not in a rush to lose the baby weight, but I am definitely more apt to dress a little more consciously than before.  Truth be told, pleats around the waist are not always the most flattering thing, but I added a thick belt to cinch in my waist a bit, and when paired with a form fitting tee, it slims down the overall look.  Keeping the sandals light and airy lends to the casualness of the look and keeps the skirt from looking too fussy or overdressed for just a casual dinner out.

And my take on hair for the past few weeks, even when I was still pregnant, was to wash and blow dry it about 2 times a week, and when it starts feeling a little limp, pull it back into a slick ponytail.  My hair is usually a bit too full the first couple of days after a wash and blowout, but by day 3 it’s smooth and straight, making a nice clean looking pony.

So this is how I’m doing postpartum style.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions or advice on how to continue to stay true to my style while getting back into my pre-pregnancy size. And to see Week 1 postpartum style, click here.

Andrea Howe

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