Daily Style Week 5 – How To Wear a Pencil Skirt


My talk at the Penelope Lane conference on Saturday went well, and this is what I wore to speak. I don’t dare say great because I’m afraid I rambled a bit too much, my intro about my past life and career went on a little too long I’m afraid, and I may have used the word popular (offhandedly referring to myself, as not being popular), and talked about Louis Vuitton handbags. I now understand why politicians and actors use teleprompters. If anything though I was honest and spoke off the cuff most of the time, not strictly following my outline that I had written. I hope for the most part people got the point I was trying to make; that blogging can be time consuming and frustrating, but if you love it, and write about what you love and stay focused on that, you can turn it into something that pays a few of the bills. If you were at my talk, is that what you got out of it? If not, my apologies, but there you go, that’s the point I was trying to make.

Skirt – Target; Button Up Shirt- J. Crew; Sweatshirt – James Perse; Heels – ShoeMint; Earrings – Kate Spade; Flower Poof – Ban.Do; Ring – Banana Republic

On to the outfit. I’m 5 weeks postpartum now and this outfit greatly benefited by the use of some Spanx. And bright lipstick, heavy concealer and a big pink poof. In all seriousness though, I found this skirt at Target a couple of weeks ago and while pencil skirts usually scream “office attire” to me, I knew I could make it work into a more casual life. I brought it home with me because of the pattern, the price and the fact that it was an elastic waistband, my constant companion these days.  Coming up I’ll share 2 more ways I made this leopard skirt a bit more casual and suitable for everyday wear.

For this look I layered a crisp white button up shirt under a casual sweatshirt and added a fun flower poof to tell people “hey, I don’t take myself too seriously!”  While this look is still very much office appropriate, the sweatshirt is a more casual option than a blazer or cardigan sweater even.  If anything it gives it a different spin. A neutral pump blends in with my skin color and doesn’t stand out that I’m wearing high heels and am ready for a business meeting.  A pop of color in my fuchsia lipstick and pink earrings also adds whimsy and makes it a little less serious.  Lastly, a sleek ponytail adds the final element to say this look is more fun and casual than all about business.

So how would you style this skirt to make it more casual?  Linking up with WIWW and Monday Mingle

Andrea Howe

Andrea is the founder of For The Love Of, a lifestyle blog dedicated to approachable, modern living. She writes about style, her love of DIY, and living a healthier life through wholesome, nutritious cooking. She is also a regular contributor at Babble. Get in touch: Facebook, Twitter You can find Andrea on Instagram @andreavhowe and @gwynethmademedoit

  • amber says:

    I’m kind of loving that skirt. I think for a more casual feel (for me) I’d pair it with a tee shirt of some kind. preferably an old rock tee or something equally cool and some funky flats.
    I do love the addition of the fuchsia to spunk it up!

    • Andrea Andrea says:

      Great minds think alike Amber! One of the looks I’m showing is with a gray t-shirt and some tennies, making it really casual!

  • sarah says:

    Andrea, a few things… First of all, you ROCKED on Saturday! It was perfect. Don’t second guess yourself at all because that is your story and everyone could relate in some way or another. You touched on all the right topics and really made a great point about finding your voice and staying on that path. You totally gave me great ideas and insights. Where I was sitting so many of us were shaking our head “yes”, like in agreement to what you were saying. You did GREAT!
    Second, Holy Smokes girl, you were smokin’ in that outfit. Spanks or not… you do not look like you just had your THIRD baby a few weeks ago! You looked gorgeous!!! I LOVE your style so much!!
    Third, you are so talented and amazing! Thank you again and again!!!

    • Andrea Andrea says:

      Oh Sarah you are too kind! I was honored that you asked me to speak and it was great for me to be pushed out of my comfort zone a bit!

  • Jules says:

    You look fantastic! Love those shoes.

  • You did amazing at the conference. I think your back story is so relevant to how your blog came to be. Very useful info. And I can’t believe that skirt is from Target, it looks so expensive!!! I’m still digesting the fact that you had a baby four weeks ago. Whaaaat????

  • Love the entire look! My casual look for that skirt would include flats, only because I can’t pull off heels like I used to!

  • Lindsay says:

    I love every single thing about this look. I can’t believe that skirt is from Target because it looks like it’s from J. Crew! And that flower…so, so in love with it!

  • Mona says:

    You’re talk was terrific. When you walked into the room, I was floored by your great sense of style. And like the others have stated, I thought for sure the skirt was from a high price retail store. Imagine, my squee when I saw it was from Target. Now, that’s style I can afford. BTW, I love your blog!

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