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Sometimes I’m inspired by an image or a piece and I go on the hunt for the necessary items to make a DIY project happen.  And then sometimes items just find me and I’m struck with inspiration on the spot.  While searching for seed beads for this project last month, I came across these amazingly cool geometric wood beads in bright saturated colors and I knew they’d make the perfect statement necklace.

Now I normally only try to share DIY projects with you guys where readily available supplies can be found, but I love how these necklaces came out so much I just had to share. Perhaps you may not find the exact same beads near you, but may these serve as a bit of inspiration to find something similar (or different!).

*Updated to add: I found these beads at Bead Factory in Downtown LA and they come in packs of 12 for $1.50.  They are 20mm and come in about 10 different colors including yellow, orange and blue in addition to the ones I have pictured here.  If you scroll down the page I linked to, under New Wooden Beads you can see the green version is pictured.  But when you click on it, they don’t list these exact beads for purchase for some reason (the site isn’t the most sophisticated).  If you want these exact beads I would call them and reference these beads.  For $1.50 it would still be a very reasonable DIY project even if shipping is $5.  Their number is 213-627-9553.  I was just there on Friday and they still had tons of these beads.  Good luck!
Supplies – Wooden beads in bright colors and a neutral color to offset, natural colored twine/cording, 2 jump rings & a lobster claw closure & scissors
Begin by attaching a jump ring to one end of your cording with a double knot.
Measure down about 5-6 inches and tie another double knot to help keep your beads in place.
Begin stringing your beads.  For this necklace I alternated a large colored bead with a single neutral bead, but as you can see below, I created a couple of different patterns.  It’s really up to you.
Once you’re done stringing your pattern of beads, tie another double knot at the end to keep beads in place.
Go about 5-6 inches to line up evenly with your jump ring, and attach your lobster claw closure.
Trim your ends with scissors, and you’re done! I love how the three colors looked stacked together for a bold look, or a single strand for a simple statement.  Either way, these necklaces took less than 10 minutes each and provide a fun punch to an otherwise simple outfit.  Enjoy and have fun!  Let me know if you have any questions.

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