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Hi friends.  Occasionally over the next few weeks I’m going to have a few friends stopping by so that I can get some extra rest and spend time with baby boy Hayden.  Megan is a talented jewelry maker and recently launched a line inspired by Downton Abbey, a show that is near and dear to my heart, and steeped in major style.  So here’s Megan to talk a bit about her inspiration behind the line, which I found to be quite fascinating.  Hopefully you will too.

Hi, I’m Megan Reynolds from Flawed Perfection Jewelry. I design sterling silver and gemstone, pearl, and/or Swarovski crystal jewelry. More than anything, I love color. I’m so happy to be on here today to share a really fun line, inspired by something that many of us are obsessed with right now! Welcome to…

Dinner at Downton Banner

I’ve come up with 7 colorways inspired by the characters and activities of the beloved BBC/PBS series. Each colorway is comprised of 3 colors of Swarovski Crystals. Some of the colorways were inspired directly from looks the characters wore. Even if you haven’t watched yet (first off, why haven’t you?!), I hope you enjoy these fun color combos! Here’s all the colorways together…

Downton Color Swatch

Here is an explanation of the inspiration for 3 of my favorite colorways:

Lady Edith is an interesting character. She’s misunderstood; she acts mean, but deep down, all she wants is to be loved. I was inspired by her fair hair and complexion, as well as the pale looks she often wears. (See her peach & green hairclips below? Perfect!) Edith is the most understated of the 3 sisters, so this colorway is just like her. She doesn’t have Sybil’s boldness or Mary’s passion, but she has a soft spot.


Edith Color Swatch Here’s how it looks in one of the 7 available designs:

Edith Large Circle Listing

Lady Sybil is the most outspoken of the three sisters. Her colorway is inspired by her boldest look yet. Her “surprise” pants look was the perfect inspiration, as it shows her spunky spirit and fun personality. This colorway also seems modern, just like Sybil’s forward-thinking ideas for the time. These colors fit perfectly with her bold personality.


Sybil Color Swatch Here’s how it looks in one of the 7 designs:

Cora is one of the more mature characters on the show. She has to lead the Downton Household, especially during WWI. Her colorway is mostly inspired by this look below. Linen dresses with black accents seem to appear a few times on the show, often on Cora. This sophisticated colorway matches the elegant role she plays as the lady of the house.


Cora Color Swatch

Here’s how it looks in one of the 7 designs:

Cora Shine On Listing

I hope that these colorways capture a bit of the colorful fashion of Downton Abbey! My favorite thing about these colorways is that they are a subtle nod to Downton without being dated. Color is so powerful to me. I think these colorways show that so, so much can be expressed with color. Sass, power, calmness, passion etc. can all come through with the right use of color.

Here are the designs which are currently available in the colorways: Triple Drop Petal Berry Earrings, Shine On Cluster Earrings, Oval Cluster Hoops, Barely There Necklace, Row of Sparkle Necklace, Marquise Cluster Necklace, Large Circle Cluster Necklace. Each of the 7 designs above is available in the 7 colorways. Everything is organized in the shop by item. You can then choose your colorway choice when adding your items to your cart.

So, what’s your favorite thing about Downton Abbey? Are you as obsessed as I am? (Pssst…if you are obsessed, I would check out these previews for season 3.)

Remember to stop by my blog for a full explanation of all 7 colorways. You can find all the designs in the shop. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram (@meganluvsjewels).

Thanks for having me today, Andrea! As a thank you, everyone can enjoy free priority shipping on your order with the code FORTHELOVEOF 🙂 *Expires September 30th.


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