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My Christmas list is almost complete, having pretty much finished all of my shopping, baking and now just some wrapping to get done, which I always like saving till the last minute anyhow.  Something about the harried rush of trying to wrap every single gift in between the kids trying to sneak a peek, gives me a rush.  I never claimed to be normal.  Anyhow, it’s about this time, with just a few days to spare, that I start to think about New Years Eve plans.  We’ve always tried to do something special on New Years Eve, even after having kids.  Some years we get a sitter and go to a party, some years we host a small family gathering at our house where kids are welcomed, and some years we go out to dinner but rush home in time to ring in the new year with the kids, east coast time.

This year with Hayden being so fresh and new, read, still not sleeping through the night, we plan to take it easy and stick around home, and just enjoy some time with a couple of friends that also have kids.  We’ll do light appetizers, some desserts and a specialty cocktail.  I’m thinking this Blueberry Lemon Fizz would be perfect.  Nothing fancy at all.  Even though we’ll be sticking around home, I still want to look and feel festive and ready to start 2013 feeling pretty, so I’m thinking my entertaining at home outfit will look something like this.  Rich, tonal cream, colors with splashes of gold and silver to add some shine.  Very wintery fresh.  Let’s break it down shall we? Old-Navy-Sweaters-2 1. Blanket Wrap Cardigan – I know I’ve said before that the blazer is the new cardigan, but that doesn’t mean that a good, updated cardigan doesn’t have a place in your wardrobe.  I love the over-sized feel of this one.  It’s nice and long, so it can work well with a pair of skinnies, or a legging.  The color is neutral but the silhouette makes it anything but boring and ordinary.  It would look great cinched at the waist with a wide belt too.

2. Textured Layering Blouse – So here is why I prefer blouses right now, as a layering piece, as opposed to a form fitting tank top or shirt.  A blouse, especially a cute printed one like this, adds texture and depth to the look.  It makes it look like you’ve got a bit more going on, and that you put a bit more thought into your look.  Sure a white tee or tank would be a perfect run to the store look, but the blouse takes it up a notch and gives it a richer look.  I also love blouses right now because they hide my postpartum tummy!  You can sort of tuck it in and pull it up a bit to camouflage the pesky midsection, if you have this problem.  It hides the weight as opposed to highlighting it as a tight tank or tee would do.

3. Brushed Cords – Instead of pairing the above with a regular pair of skinny denim jeans, I love the added texture of yet another fabric, these soft brushed cotton cords.  I like that it also makes the look feel much more seasonally appropriate, since cords tend to be a fall and winter fabric.  This would definitely work with a darker pair of cords, like this olive color, but for my New Years Eve look, I’m sticking with the all over tonal cream colors.

4. Sequined Scarf – We’ll have the fire pit going in the backyard, and so to stay warm I’ll add a bit of functional sparkle with this sequined scarf, available in black as well.

5. Sequined Ballet Flat – While I’d love to be able to prance around the house in a pair of gorgeous boots or heels, reality calls for something comfortable and a bit more practical.  Practical doesn’t have the be boring though, so I’ll add some gold to the look with these sparkly flats.

6. DIY Star Hair Clips – I’ll add some big loose curls to my hair for an easy style, and add a couple of these star clips I made for myself a few months back.

Makeup calls for some shimmery gold lids, and a pretty pop of a red lip.  I’m loving Mac’s Ruby Woo right now, for the very matte and long lasting look.  I’ll keep the rest of my accessories simple and skip the watch and any necklaces.

So what are your plans for New Years Eve?  Will they be a simple gathering at home, like ours, or do you have any fun plans to go out?  I’m looking forward to taking a few days off next week and just spending time with the family around home.  Art has been working way too much so it will be good for us all to reconnect.  I wish you all a very happy holiday week and thank you all so much for being here.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you all!

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