The 3rd Child


“You don’t have a baby book for me mom?!?”

It’s true what they say about third children; they do sort of get the short end of the stick.  With Hayden, he does have the fact that he’s our last child on his side, so we do fall on his every coo and cry.  But as far as sentimentality goes, we are lacking.  Case in point?  The child doesn’t even have a baby book.  Oh how I remember searching and shopping for the perfect baby book to record every single bit of drool that Taylor, and even Syd, let fall out of their mouths.  But Hayden?  The thought hadn’t even occurred to me until the other day when he started to smile and I didn’t have a book to record this special milestone in. Lucky for Hayden not all is lost, and I’ve got this Block to Grow On from Child To Cherish to help me remember to record the important stuff.  It’s perfect because it serves as a piggy bank, a keepsake box, a decorative item in the nursery, and helps to give me prompts to remember and record the important milestones.  Because guys, I’m lost without prompts.  I joke that the only thing I’m consistent about is not being consistent, so things like taking pictures of Hayden in the same spot for a year, or recording every single tiny detail of his first year of his life is just not going to happen.  I’ve come to terms with my forgetfulness and I’m okay with it, but at least this little block helps me to remember the really important stuff.  The stuff that would put me in the bad, forgetful mommy category if I forgot to notate. There’s sections for baby’s weight and height at each month for their first year.  Heck, even if I forget to record that stuff, I can always fall back on my pediatrician, right?  There’s also a cute prompt on each side, like first step, first smile, etc.  Again, I’m lost without prompts! The Block To Grow On is the perfect gift for any new mom, and especially perfect for us forgetful, busy moms that want to record the special milestones in their baby’s lives in an easy and cute way.  Child To Cherish has lots of other great quality gift and keepsake items.  You can visit them on their Facebook page, or find them on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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