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Happy Friday friends, how are you all doing this week?  I feel like this week has gone by in a blur, but have not much to show for it.  I have finally managed to get control of my inbox, so that counts for something, and have replied to almost all incoming emails within 24 hours, some within minutes if it can be done quickly.  I have managed to get in a couple of good workouts, write some worthwhile posts, one which landed on Making It Lovely’s Honor Roll (thank you Nicole!), and I have managed to get dressed every day. photo-1 Sweater – Madewell (no longer available); Boots – Madewell; Jeans – Paige Denim

While I have for the most part recovered from Alt, and have lined up all my ducks in a row in terms of business follow ups, one thing I have decidedly not recovered from was the constant primping and priming it took to look presentable on an hourly basis.  In fact, I haven’t even applied makeup since I got back, even when venturing out to social events like a Super Bowl party (gasp!).  I am partly okay with the liberation I’ve felt in the past 2 weeks.  While makeup has been optional, as I said above, I still get dressed every day.

This morning, a status update from a friend read: “Every morning for the last 3 days I have seen the same woman drop off her kids at school in her pajamas. The same ones. For three days. And all I can think is, she couldn’t throw a sweatshirt on over them? I mean, it’s not like they’re the “are they/ aren’t they” type of pajamas, nope full on Nick & Nora flannel jammies. Sure, some days, it’s hard to get dressed so early but what if she had to get out the car for something? Flat tire? Kid forgets something in the car? I mean, I just don’t understand.”

Getting dressed on the daily can at times seem like more trouble than it’s worth, especially when working from home, although Garance makes a good case for how complicated getting dressed can be for just about anyone.

This is the outfit I’ve been falling back on most days, for the past few weeks.  An over-sized cable knit sweater which keeps me warm in the house and warm when out grabbing kombucha from Whole Foods or on a bike ride with the babe.  It also feels comfy to kick around the house in and doesn’t feel over-dressed, but feels dressy enough to also wear to my kid’s school Open House.  I feel comfortable, presentable, even chic in it.  This look epitomizes lifestyle dressing, and it is the concept I advocate women build their wardrobe on – buying clothes that work for many facets of life.  The jeans, while ripped and worn, look fab with a pair of heels and a blazer.  The sweater, while I haven’t worn it this way, would also look great with a pencil skirt and black tights, to wear to work. photo-2 Getting dressed as a mom to both a baby and elementary school kids, a home cook who spends a quarter of her day in the kitchen, and someone who works from home, is I’ll admit, at times confusing.  The thoughts that roll through my head are multidimensional –

Do I get dressed before or after feeding Hayden his morning breakfast?  Furthermore, what will his meals look like for the day?  Am I feeding him spaghetti and yogurt, bound to make a goobery mess, or will it be a dry day of Joe’s O’s, string cheese and some luncheon meat?  The answers to these questions will literally determine if I put on that dry-clean only top or not.

Do I bother taking a shower in the morning, since I’ll be taking a class at the gym when Art gets home?  But I hate not taking a shower in the morning and always at least have to sponge-bathe myself.  Weird?

Will my errands just entail going to the grocery store, or will it also involve a trip to the doctor’s office and/or the mall?  If I will be heading to a doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment, car repair shop and yes, even the mall, I make more of an effort because sadly, I do notice I get better service and command more respect when looking polished and presentable.

Who will I likely run into at school pick-up today?  Living across the street from the school, both simplifies and complicates this process since I could both run in and out, but also could get stuck talking to a fellow parent in front of the house/school for an hour and want to look mildly presentable.

I could go on, but that could get quite obnoxious.  You get my drift, getting dressed can be complicated, so much so, that you wind up rolling through drop-off in your Nick & Nora pajamas.

So how do you pick an outfit for the day?  I’m especially interested in those who work outside the home and also mother, because I always found that a bit of a challenge when buying a new clothes.  You want clothes that will look both professional but could work in your mom-life.  And I’m especially intrigued by other stay at home or work from home moms, and the decision making process they go through when choosing an outfit.  Like me, do you break it down to thinking about messy of a day it will be in the kitchen, and your schedule, or do you just throw on whatever is clean?  And do you change or keep on the smae outfit, even if it gets baby goobers on it?  I admittedly, am guilty of keeping a pair of leggings on all day, knowing damn well they had baby pee on them.

In the end, kudos to those of us who choose to get dressed everyday, even when the world seems to be telling us to stay in our pajamas.

I read a few other things around the web that I thought were good and so if you have time:

The news reports coming out of Sochi are both comical and frightening.  I’m actually a little worried about what the fall-out from all this bad publicity will be.  My guess is, Putin is gonna be pissed, and I hope that doesn’t come to bite us in the ass.

Food styling battles – because my fear of bad food photography isn’t heightened enough.  These are brilliant though, no?

These vintage photos are pretty cool, in particular, this one.

These items are coming to Ikea, and they all look fab.

Now, on to other more very serious topics – which btw, some days I still can’t believe I’m writing about food.  Does anyone else think that’s weird, or just me?

Eating In-Season Produce isn’t just some trendy food phenomenon, it is actually as old as time and science proves, it’s better for you.

Has The Scare On GMO’s Gone Too Far is a question I asked myself when I read that Bob’s Red Mill will start labeling all their products, including their wheat flour, as non-GMO verified, even though there is no such thing as GMO wheat.  I think that’s kind of weird, if you ask me.

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Andrea Howe

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  • sharon says:

    I drop off in my workout gear four out of five days a week… days i’m actually “dressed” people call me out on it! after dropping off my son in kinder and my daughter at preschool I sneak in an hr at the gym before, like you, work from home the remainder of the day (or run errands).

    My “uniform” is very similar to yours – jeans and comfy top or sweater depending on how warm it is and either boots, flats of flip flops. sometimes I wish I were a little more polished and stylish but the fact that I even remotely bother takes effort and I can’t wear super nice stuff since i’m cooking and have kids/dog on me all afternoon.
    at least it’s not yoga pants 🙂

  • Jenifer says:

    Awe- I always get so sad for the woman that bash another mama for wearing pjs/yoga pants/leggings as pants;)! We all need to feel comfortable with ourselves and as woman who the hell gas time to be a fashion police at this age:/ I mean please, we’ve all been there and learn before you judge is what I say as you never know someone’s situation. I can hardly imagine spending an hour doing my hair/makeup (if I wore any) with my kids running around. It’s a trivial priority for me right now and yeah, I’m awesome for it and I don’t care but so is the mom who does spend and hour getting ready! We’re all awesome as long as our babes are happy and safe! To each his own style!

    • sharon says:

      Jennifer, I totally agree. My yoga pants comment was more meant that at least I don’t put another pair back on (or stay in my sweaty ones, eew) after my workout.
      I completely agree, hate all forms of the mommy-wars.

  • I just … I could never go outside in my pajamas. First of all, taking my pajamas outside would taint them! They are sacred, belonging only in the quiet awesomeness that is my house!

    This being said, as soon as I get home at the end of the day, the first thing I do is switch to my pajamas. And I don’t get dressed until I’m ready to leave the house in the morning. So … if I didn’t have a job outside the home, I might never get dressed until it was time to run errands.

    A few good “uniforms” I have:
    1. Jeans + cami + cardi + scarf
    2. Jersey dress + leggings

    Both are super comfortable (almost like pajamas) but you look polished, like you put in some actual effort.

  • Andrea Andrea says:

    And I certainly don’t mean to incite any mommy wars either. 🙂 But for me personally, I feel better if I get dressed, and of course that could have a lot to do with my background. I do ask though, and I would love honest feedback, what is your take on the idea that it literally does take as much time and energy to slip on a pair of jeans, as it does a pair of yoga pants?

  • Jenifer says:

    My take is comfort:) and what makes you feel good! I personally wouldn’t go out in yoga pants or sweats or pjs but that’s because I just wouldn’t be comfortable, also i do love clothes- the fedex guy knows me well:)but I have a million friends who would say the opposite! Just like how I really do not feel my best in make up so many wonderful woman would die without wearing make up. We’ve all got our things. I just try really really hard not to compare my comforts/ needs with someone else’s. I don’t think that’s what you were getting at here or starting a mommy war at all, it was just that quote you put up is everything that we woman should not be doing or saying out loud to each other. Rant over:)

  • Liz says:

    Preschool drop off is hard – I feel like I spend most of my time in the morning getting my kid ready to go, and then there’s little time for me to get myself presentable. Half the time I manage to get on a touch of make-up (we’re talking bare essentials) and put on one of my “uniforms” (jeans+cute flats+comfy top, dress+leggings+boots), and the other half the time I throw water on my face, tie my hair up in a bun/ponytail, and at least try to get out of my PJs, usually resorting to lounge wear (harem pants FTW!). Further complicated my getting dressed is being 32 weeks pregnant, so right now I’m working with a more limited wardrobe than normal. I am finding it’s making me be more creative. Anyway, I feel like as a SAHM, it’s important for me to get dressed and wear make-up every day, so even if I don’t manage to be fully put together when I drop my son off, I do try to get it together when I get home before I go out and run any errands and before pick-up. I feel like my worst/laziest days are those when I don’t put in the effort to get dressed & made-up, even if I’m wearing super comfy lounge wear, at least it isn’t what I slept in last night, you know?

  • Jess says:

    I definitely leave the house every day with the “you never know who you’re going run into” mindset. I work from home part-time and am a (also currently pregnant) mom of a toddler. I always leave the house in a real outfit – meaning a top with jeans or pants. Some days I literally just drop my daughter off with our sitter, go home, work, and pick her up. But, the days I incorporate errands or her music class or whatever, I take it up a notch with an accessory and a cuter pair of shoes. Not only do you never know who you’ll run into (and do you really want to be caught in your jammies in public?) I believe if you look great, you’ll feel great so why not actually dress every day and put that wardrobe to good use!

  • Heather says:

    Hi Andrea! I’m loving your blog and practical yet informed approach to life and being a mother. Thanks for sharing!


  • Lily says:

    I enjoyed reading that I’m not the only person that sponge-bath if I don’t have time for a shower in the morning.
    great blog!

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