Zara Fall 2013


I love Zara’s design aesthetic, their prices and the fact that there’s an actual store just 20 minutes down the road. Tonight I wanted to do a little online browsing, so I hopped on over to Zara to see what’s new. I couldn’t help but be brought to giggles when I saw the looks on the faces of the models in this season’s latest lookbook spread. Between consistent looks of extreme sadness, contempt and disgust, it makes you wonder if it was some inside joke in the Zara ad department to shoot the campaign this way. These girls just look freaking miserable, even their undeniable beauty can’t mask the torment. Have a look for yourself. 0518258401_2_2_1

This girl is the real gem of the campaign.  Those eyes, oh those haunting eyes!  She is known for her sideways glance with the chilling blue eyes, and appears to be saying, “what the eff are you looking at?”  Not to mention her attire reminds me of something straight out of Fargo or The Shining. 3057240800_1_1_1 “Dammit Neo, you left me in the Matrix again!  Now what am I gonna do?”

4886256800_1_1_1 This is the girl that initially halted me in my tracks.  She.  Just.  Looks.  So.  Sad.  Like she is on the verge of tears and will collapse in a puddle of her own sadness at any moment. 6861244802_1_1_1 See what I mean?


There’s that sideways glance again.  “Bitch.” 7901222800_1_1_1 And then this pretty blonde with the minimal makeup and the faraway stare appears to be telling us to take her to our leader.  #Drone.

8003628804_1_1_1 Is it just me or is this not some sad, sad looking models?  What point do you think Zara is trying to make?  You will be miserable in their clothes?  At any rate, while some of the styling is a bit questionable, I am loving the minimalist look of the fall season.  I especially love all the gray felted wools and they’re the first brand that has done cropped tops in a way I might actually consider wearing.

All images via Zara, where you can go get more of the same if you visit their site.  I promise you there’s not a happy girl in the bunch.

Andrea Howe

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  • Ugh. I mean, really: Ugh.

    I appreciate a certain earnestness, depth of thought, even melancholy, but those faces just pull me off.

    We do not have to be shiny happy people all the time, but maybe it is the years (I am 33 now) or my children and the responsability for my family’s wellbeing … I *want* to be happy, my family and me, I will be happy and I will make it work, whatever it requires, and yes, being happy and positive minded does take a decision to be just that and it does take some effort to maintain.

    Those model poses definitely hit a spot, in best it is plain ridiculous how they look. Often one is surrounded by so many miserable people that every little smile is a sheer beam of light. I want more light, I want fashion that conveys elegance, fun, freedom, I want to live and not be reminded of zombies. So, again: Ugh.

  • Jasi says:

    Lol, if I’d never ordered anything from Zara before I’d wonder if the blouses were lined with sandpaper. Such misery!

    I think a lot of high fashion is about confidence, elitism and being neutral enough to sell the clothes, not the girl. Zara, Forever21 and other clothiers no doubt try to copy this aesthetic but don’t exactly nail it.

  • Rena says:

    Dude! So funny. I read it to my husband and he cracked up. Love your commentary.

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