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Finding Success on Instagram

It’s almost the two year anniversary of the inception of Gwyneth Made Me Do It, and it’s strange to think I started the account on a silly whim, never thinking it would grow to what it has become. Sure, at close to 14,000 followers, I’m nowhere near the chart topping success of many other accounts which […]

Leek, White Bean & Tuna Spring Salad

We have Taylor to thank for this salad. Last week when she made this dinner, she added it to the menu at the last minute and it may have been my favorite part of the whole meal, I loved it so much I practically licked the bowl clean. The original recipe is from The Silver Spoon […]

Moroccan Chicken Salad

California Pizza Kitchen is hands down, Syd’s favorite place to eat. The kid would be content to eat their mac n cheese every single day for the rest of his life. Or at least until his taste buds evolve a bit. My point being, whenever there’s a special occasion to celebrate and we leave the […]

My Revamped Safe & Carefree Makeup Collection

                                              acrylic countertop makeup tray by Caboodle I’ve been slowly working on revamping my makeup collection for the last year, and after making a few more purchases in the last few weeks, I’ve finally […]

Cooking With Kids and 10 Foods They Can Master By 10

This past weekend a monumental feat was achieved; one of our children took over meal time and cooked a full 4 course meal for the family, grandparents included. A few days prior, she had rediscovered our copy of The Silver Spoon for Children , and took a keen interest in it. I had purchased it […]

Working With An Integrative Doctor & My Treatment Protocol

About three weeks ago, I felt the best I had felt in a long time, finding myself with enough energy to make it to workout class or yoga six times that week. I had been on a gradual upswing of energy during the day for a few months, and I was hopeful that this latest […]

How I Find Time To Cook

That old familiar saying about only 2 certainties in life being death and taxes, should be amended to include 3 certainties – death, taxes, and cooking, because we all must eat. And unless you plan to eat take-out for the remainder of your life, someone’s gotta do it, so why not try to at least […]

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Planetbox – Answered

I’ve been posting photos of the kid’s lunches almost daily since the beginning of the school year. I had posted a few pictures off and on a bit during the 2013-2014 school year, and they always garnered a lot of attention and questions. Not that they were anything extraordinary, in fact they were quite basic, […]

Easy Breaded & Baked Chicken Cutlets

I have an internal conversation with myself each day as I prepare dinner, in which I decide whether Syd will eat the food I’m preparing. Most days it’s pretty cut and dry, and I just know that certain things will require modifications, and other things he gobble down. Other days, I really can’t decide and […]

The Essential Oil Protocol That Got Our Toddler To Sleep

There’s nothing that can really prepare you for the sleep deprivation that comes with being a new parent. You can prepare yourself as much as possible by reading books and asking around, but until your baby is home and you experience first hand the delirium that comes from lack of sleep, you’ll never understand just […]