Life with kids

Introducing Leia & Gymboree Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Gymboree, although all opinions are my own. I appreciate your support of brands which help keep this site up and running. Visit Gymboree’s back to school shop.  Despite our best efforts to slow things down, life has continued to move at fiercely fast pace in 2016. So much has happened this […]

An Unexpected Perfect Gift for the Tween In Your Life

Folks, Taylor turned 11 last month and we are officially parents of a tween girl. I’m not going to lie, things have been challenging the last few months, but we are working tremendously hard at trying to figure it out with our little girl. It’s a balancing act between raising a confident girl who thinks […]

Cute Little Babes Giveaway for Cool Baby Clothes

 I’ve shared with you before that when Taylor was first born, I tried my hand at starting a kid’s clothing line called Baby Taylored. Specializing in graphic tees and easy slip on pajama pants, I poured countless hours of time, energy and emotion into my line. We experienced a decent level of success in local […]

Good Dino Movie & Sweepstakes

This past holiday weekend was a flurry of activity. We kept ourselves busy with visiting family and out of town friends, and didn’t make a bit of a dent in holiday shopping. Since we currently have no home to decorate, we also skipped our usual Thanksgiving weekend tradition of acquiring a Christmas tree and hanging […]

Potty Training the 3rd Time Around

We set out to get Hayden potty trained a couple of weeks ago, just several days shy of his 3rd birthday. In all honesty, had we not been required to have him fully trained for the start of preschool, I’m not sure I would’ve finally taken the plunge. He’s my 3rd and final baby, and […]

Getting the Yard Ready for Spring

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Tree Top, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TreeTopInc #raisinggoodapples If you follow along with me on Instagram, you’d know that a certain little girl celebrated her 10th birthday last week, and because double digits are […]

Cooking With Kids and 10 Foods They Can Master By 10

This past weekend a monumental feat was achieved; one of our children took over meal time and cooked a full 4 course meal for the family, grandparents included. A few days prior, she had rediscovered our copy of The Silver Spoon for Children , and took a keen interest in it. I had purchased it […]

2014 Family Photos

I don’t believe I have a single staged family photo from my childhood, not even one of those awkward family photos from the Sears portrait studio. I think I’ve seen an intermittent photo of just myself as a baby, sitting in Santa’s lap or atop a pony, maybe even on a carpeted backdrop from KMart, […]

Candy Free Halloween Ideas

Several times I’ve tried to broach the subject in a Babble article, of limiting kid’s sweets consumption. It’s usually met with a mixed reaction, with a fair amount of folks approving, and with an equal amount of very vocal people objecting to such a horrific idea. The most common comeback to a typical discussion of […]

The Great Lunchbox Debate

I’m convinced that finding the “perfect” lunchbox for kid’s school lunches is the same as finding the perfect stroller; perfect doesn’t exist so you just try to find the best one out there. I embarrassingly spent a lot of time this summer reviewing several different lunchbox systems before I took the plunge and invested in […]