Candy Free Halloween Ideas

Several times I’ve tried to broach the subject in a Babble article, of limiting kid’s sweets consumption. It’s usually met with a mixed reaction, with a fair amount of folks approving, and with an equal amount of very vocal people objecting to such a horrific idea. The most common comeback to a typical discussion of […]

DIY Honeycomb Spiders

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have good reason for it. Besides the facts that it is at the loveliest time of year (weather wise), that it is just two days after my birthday, and that sneaking some candy into your diet is basically required, Halloween also evokes a lot of imagination. I mean, […]

Halloween 2013

Thank you for all your kinds words on Monday, in regards to Syd’s surgery and reflux diagnosis.  As usual, I didn’t reply to the comments and I’m sorry, but I read every single and and your encouragement meant the world to me.  I know Halloween is a weeks past now, but since I’ve been pretty […]

May the Force Be With You

Hello all!  It’s been a busy few days with lots of things to tend to, so I’ve had to hold off posting for a couple of days to try to get things accomplished.  I just wanted to pop in though to say hello and wish you all a wonderful weekend.  I also thought I’d share […]

DIY Neon Pumpkins

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, it probably comes as no surprise to you all that I would take Halloween and add a splash of neon to the holiday (to see all of my neon inspired projects click here).  It’s been my favorite way to add color to just about anything […]