Last Minute Doily Gift Topper

Every holiday season I try and come up with some new and creative gift toppers for holiday gifts. In fact, my family has started to look forward to these crazy gift toppers every year. It’s kind of fun because the gift topper becomes like a little gift itself. This year I have been particularly swamped […]

DIY Leather Chain Necklace

Lately I have been experimenting more with jewelry making. I love crafting handmade items as much as the next self-proclaimed-DIYer, but when it comes to crafts I am usually more comfortable with a power tool in my hands rather than delicate jewelry pieces. When a friend gave me a piece of lovely black soft leather […]

DIY Home Hair Color by Madison Reed

The women in my family have been dying our hair at home for as long as I can remember. A visit to my Grandma’s house involves as many memories of her feeding me homemade enchiladas as it does watching her walk around with a plastic shower cap on her head, waiting for the coloring process. […]

DIY Honeycomb Spiders

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I have good reason for it. Besides the facts that it is at the loveliest time of year (weather wise), that it is just two days after my birthday, and that sneaking some candy into your diet is basically required, Halloween also evokes a lot of imagination. I mean, […]

DIY Wire Star Wall Art

A few months ago I passed a beautiful art wall that had some really interesting wire art. The wire was shaped into a city landscape and had this unique sketched look about it. I loved the wire art’s simplicity and that I had never seen anything like it before. So I set out to create […]

DIY Geometric Necklace

In the summer heat I always find it a bit of a challenge to accessorize. Daunting a scarf is no-go in 101-degree temperatures. Bulky jewelry also starts to feel heavy and uncomfortable. For this summer I wanted to craft a couple quick and easy pieces of jewelry that I could wear with lots of outfits […]

DIY Pom Pom Table Runner

  For parties and entertaining I sometimes feel like the most under-utilized table accent is the table runner. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely more important things to worry about: like making thoughtful meals and spending quality time with guests. But if you find yourself wanting to make a party statement without a ton […]

Repurposed T-Shirt Into Fringe Necklace DIY

My husband happens to be a bit of a T-shirt hoarder. Not that we don’t all hold on to things we may not need, but he saves T-shirts like they are precious photographs capturing a memory. I’m totally sentimental, so I get it when he doesn’t want to toss out the State Champs T, but […]

DIY Yarn Tapestry

Wall tapestries are totally the new hot thing, didn’t ya know? It’s true I am jumping on the wall tapestry bandwagon and not looking back. In my summer lineup I plan to take a tapestry class and learn from a pro. I’m also going to buy a real tapestry loom to call my own! But […]

DIY Repurposed Skateboard With Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paint

Let me preface this DIY post by saying that I love our home, or rather, I’ve grown to love it. I think it’s pretty and relaxed, and contains some nice pieces of furniture throughout. Not “nice” in terms of expensive, but pieces which we thoughtfully considered and now fit in our home perfectly. In terms […]