Painted Arrow Artwork

Isn’t a Mother’s Day gift one of the hardest gifts to shop for? How do you say, “you are one the most important parts of my life” with a stationary set? Perhaps a gift that say, “I love you so very much” so have a pretty lemon juicer? Can a potted flower, a thrift-store painting, […]

Nature Inspired DIY Shadow Box

If you don’t like miniature racoons and fake moss grass then this craft isn’t for you (I bet you also hate unicorns and sunshine). If, however, you can’t get enough of those tiny quaint trees and you love anything clever, this is just the craft for you! I love myself a little nature shadowbox. In […]

Gold Confetti Easter Art

One of my biggest spring break projects to tackle during our 2 week “vacation”, is to clean up the craft cabinet. What was once a hyper-organized collection of beautiful supplies and tools, has since become a tangled mess of hoarded craft projects and things I don’t need. So I’ve been going drawer by drawer, shelf […]

Happy Easter Cake Banner

I should begin by admitting that I have an addiction to baked-goods accessorizing. It’s true…I can’t whip up a batch of cupcakes without throwing some sprinkles on there. Making a cake? I have to add ribbons glues to toothpicks because, like I said, I have an accessorizing problem. So when you combine the delicious decorating […]

Crafting With Cricut

On Saturday night, I hosted an event, along with Cricut, for 20 lovely ladies. Most were friends and family, but a few were guests of friends, and it was nice to meet new faces and spend time being creative, and watch everyone enjoy themselves. The purpose of the event was to introduce craft enthusiasts to […]

A Backyard Dinner Party

It’s been a little over 6 months since our very good friends moved cross country to Memphis. In a way, I think it’s natural to say that life has resumed as normal since they’ve left, but in so many ways, and quite often, we feel their absence. If just the kids were friends, or just […]

DIY Geometric Wall Art

  When it comes to furniture I am always more drawn to the neutral colors with lovely lines. For some reason I have a hard time entering a committed relationship with a green velvet couch or a cheetah-print armchair. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate those loud pieces of furniture. I sit in them at […]

DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

A few weeks back, BuzzFeed contacted me to ask if I’d like to create an original DIY post for their site, that was an Anthropologie hack. I of course was thrilled and honored and said, “Yes, yes, yes!” And then I found out this wasn’t a paid gig, and I went “wahwah”, but went forward […]

DIY Tissue Paper Wall Letters

Alix is back again to share this awesome spin on cardboard craft letters. I love the texture the tissue paper adds to each letter, and of course I love the simplicity of the project overall.  Read on to get the full step-by-step tutorial.  Thanks Alix, for creating another amazing project for my readers! I’m always […]

Our Handmade Valentine’s

I’ve grown to become really fond of Valentine’s Day, now that we’re a little family. Art and I always manage to spend a little special time together, either before or after the actual day, but for the past few years, we’ve made it a day to spend special time together as a family. This year […]