Repurposed T-Shirt Into Fringe Necklace DIY

My husband happens to be a bit of a T-shirt hoarder. Not that we don’t all hold on to things we may not need, but he saves T-shirts like they are precious photographs capturing a memory. I’m totally sentimental, so I get it when he doesn’t want to toss out the State Champs T, but […]

For the Love Of Delicate Rings

Since my wedding ring still doesn’t fit, and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon, I’d like to get a simple and delicate ring, that is also affordable, to wear on my ring finger. I came across these pretty little rings from by boe and they have a beautiful selection of delicate and simple rings […]

Accessories Worth Investing In

Putting together the Accessories portion of this series was a bit more fun, and more challenging, than the wardrobe pieces, just because overall, even in the designer realm, accessories are a bit more attainable.  Higher accessibility means more to choose from and I had a tough time narrowing my personal list down to just 10.  […]

Bag It Up – Weighing the Options

I buy a new handbag about once every two years. Aside from a couple of clutches for evenings out or special events that I’ve either bought or made for myself, I carry the same bag day in and day out, trash it to hell and then buy a new one when the current one starts […]