For the Love Of Delicate Rings

Since my wedding ring still doesn’t fit, and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon, I’d like to get a simple and delicate ring, that is also affordable, to wear on my ring finger. I came across these pretty little rings from by boe and they have a beautiful selection of delicate and simple rings […]

For The Love Of – Downton Inspired Jewels

Hi friends.  Occasionally over the next few weeks I’m going to have a few friends stopping by so that I can get some extra rest and spend time with baby boy Hayden.  Megan is a talented jewelry maker and recently launched a line inspired by Downton Abbey, a show that is near and dear to […]

For the Love Of – Fall Style Preview

It’s Friday and we made it! Just a few more hours to go in the work day and then we can sit back and relax! Well I won’t be doing much sitting back because tonight is The Craft Cabinet, and my mind is slightly blown at what Jules and I have pulled off in the […]

For the Love Of – Crystal Cove

I don’t usually talk much about our day to day happenings around here, but would like to maybe start changing that, because in between me trying to dress myself or think up fabulous new DIY’s, we live a pretty mellow but fun life around here. Summer vacation for us is quickly coming to an end […]

Sunday Color Love – Warby Parker Crystal Collection

I love my Prestons from Warby Parker so much, and they’ve changed the way I look at glasses.  Wearing glasses since I was 8, for years I just slipped them on before bed time after I took out my contacts.  But since getting a pair that I actually love, I wear my glasses just as […]

Break Time

I’ll be taking a little break for the next few days to spend time with my family and catch up a bit.  We’ve had construction going on in the house, getting things ready for baby, and there’s just lots to be done to finalize things.  And I’m running out of steam a bit as I […]

DIY Inspiration – Barrettes

I haven’t worn a proper barrette since I was a little girl, but this Spring I started seeing the reappearance of pretty detailed barrettes all over the place and I love how they are looking in flowy hair or to make a simple bun seem not so simple.  I especially love that they serve a […]

Out & About In LA – The Eveleigh & Flower District

A while back we visited a restaurant in LA called The Eveleigh before a concert, and I fell in love with the simple decor. White stoneware plates, simple streamlined glasses and white farm napkins. The only decor that adorned the tables were tiny white votives. But then a visit to the LA Flower Mart and […]

Thoughts On Creativity

The last couple of days have been busy, the typical business of a mom with two kids I guess.  End of year pool parties and summer camps and such.  I definitely feel my energy waning and my feet are indeed starting to swell as I had predicted.  I went swimming yesterday, on the advice of […]

Wine & Cheese Daydreams

I couldn’t be enjoying this pregnancy more , and that’s the God honest truth.  I have less than 10 weeks to go and while I’m in no rush to get through them, I do every now and then think about life after baby #3 is born.  Of course life will be hectic and crazy, but […]