2014 – the year of sleep

I don’t ever recall being particularly obsessive about sleep, before I had children. I myself am happy to survive off of 6 hours a night, as long as it’s a solid 6 hours. That term “solid sleep” though, is quite a slippery one, once you have children. Aside from some periods throughout high school where […]

Syd’s Tonsillectomy and Surprising Diagnosis

As I had mentioned last week, Syd went in for his tonsillectomy last Friday. The procedure went well and the doctor ended up taking out part of his adenoids as well. When we initially found out that Syd would have the procedure done, I talked to his speech therapist about it and she reacted positively, […]

Back To School

I’d be honored if you considered liking my Facebook page! And if you’d like to receive email updates straight to your inbox, please make sure to sign up to the right. It seems my plan of casual avoidance of back to school talk, for the most part worked.  The subject of school barely got brought […]

Hayden’s 1st Birthday – An Elf Themed Party

When we decided on the Elf theme for Hayden’s 1st birthday party, we didn’t really worry that people wouldn’t get the whole Christmas in August thing. It didn’t worry us that many of the movie lines, which we would incorporate into the party, were like an inside joke unless you had not only seen the […]

When Going Back To School Is Tough

It’s happening already, despite me being ready for it. As I’m browsing Pinterest at night, I keep seeing pins pop up telling me how to make the back-to-school transition easier, how to get organized, how to throw a party to celebrate, how to be prepared, and to be honest, I’m not ready for it and […]

Weekly Wrap Up – Syd’s Speech & Link Love

This week Syd’s speech therapist got to see a peek into what we deal with on a daily basis.  When finishing up his therapy session, and given the opportunity to get a toy from the chest, if he asked “may I please pick a toy?” and spoke in a “loud and proud” voice, he refused.  […]

For the Mommas Of The Little Ones

It dawned on me the other night, as I was sitting around with a group of girlfriends whom I had grown up with, so to speak, as a mother, that it was an end of an era. We all had kids, especially our first 2, very close together and the kids were all very close […]

How To Create A Story Using Disney Story

This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here. I shared with you all the other day, a cute new app that makes meaningful storytelling easy and personal, using the Disney Story App. […]

Out and About In Olvera Street

I wore: Denim Cut Offs – DIY from old Madewell jeans; Oversized tank – Target (I LOVE this tank!); Boyfriend Cardigan – James Perse A few weeks ago Tea Collection asked me to take part in their “Across The Street, Across The Globe” series on their blog, and share one of my favorite spots in […]

Sweet Made Sweeter – Taking Life’s Ordinary Moments And Making Them Sweeter

As I said the other day, life’s been busy.  April – June is usually a marathon sprint for us, and as much as the end of school year can be daunting and seem to be never ending, we’re trying to make the most of our last few days of busyness before Summer arrives.  Yesterday Syd […]