Sunday Color Love – Warby Parker Crystal Collection


I love my Prestons from Warby Parker so much, and they’ve changed the way I look at glasses.  Wearing glasses since I was 8, for years I just slipped them on before bed time after I took out my contacts.  But since getting a pair that I actually love, I wear my glasses just as often as I wear my contacts.  I’m thinking it’s time though to add a fun pair to the mix, and these Prestons in the Bellini crystal color, from their limited edition Summer Crystals collection, would fit the bill perfectly.

After a second pair of fun lenses, it might be time for me to also get a pair of prescription sunglasses.  I’ve never owned a pair so I’m curious for those of you that do wear prescription sunglasses, do you just bring along your pair of regular glasses and switch them out when going indoors?  I’m assuming that’s the case.  Here are the rest of their lenses from the limited edition Summer Crystals collection.  And how about the collages?  Love the color inspiration for each pair.  Fun and quirky!  Happy Sunday everyone! originally found via Nicole at Making It Lovely – thanks for the heads up!

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  • Laura says:

    When I got this e-mail from WP about the new glasses I was so excited! I love the summer crystals collection… all of them. I’m ready to get prescription sunglasses, just can’t decide which frames. first world problem 😉

  • Beth says:

    Those are great glasses. When I’m wearing my prescription sunglasses, I do just carry along the non-tinted ones and switch indoors. It’s kind of a pain to have to switch much easier than trying to prop sunglasses over you prescription glasses. 🙂

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