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DIY Geometric Necklace

In the summer heat I always find it a bit of a challenge to accessorize. Daunting a scarf is no-go in 101-degree temperatures. Bulky jewelry also starts to feel heavy and uncomfortable. For this summer I wanted to craft a couple quick and easy pieces of jewelry that I could wear with lots of outfits […]

DIY Giant Ombre Hearts

Hello and happy Monday friends. I’m back from Alt, and still recovering from late nights, but feel semi-back to normal. I left inspired and determined to change some things, which will inevitably lead to some changes around here, but changes I think we will all be happy with. At least I hope so. At any […]

How To Give Short Hair Wavy Curls

Chopping off my hair still seems like it just happened, even though it was so long ago I already have 2 inch roots and I need more than a trim, for which I’m going in tomorrow for. I figured before I decide to grow my hair out again, I should probably publish this tutorial we […]