25 Neon Inspired DIY Projects

With the conclusion of my Valentine’s Day projects a couple of weeks back, it occurred to me that I had completed a whole year’s worth of holidays and DIY crafts centered around neon. When the neon trend came about in early 2012, I wasn’t automatically smitten, but after a couple of months of seeing everything […]

DIY Painted Heart Jeans

It doesn’t look like brightly colored denim is going away anytime soon, especially for the little ones, and so I bought another pair for Taylor last week when Target had them on sale for $12 each. I originally planned to have her just wear them as is, but was struck by a bit of inspiration […]

DIY Neon Valentine’s

I’d be honored if you’d consider “liking” my Facebook page, or subscribing to my RSS Feed. Or better yet, receive some Love straight to your inbox by entering your email in that box to the right! Love is way better than junk mail! As I was punching out hearts for my paper chains the other […]

DIY Neon Holiday Artwork

Morning and happy Monday. I managed to stay offline for the weekend and it felt wonderful. This week I have a few fun things planned for you all, focusing on A DIY Holiday! I’ll be providing several DIY’s that you can make, use or give this Holiday season, and the best part is they all […]

Thanksgiving Table Setting With A Neon Twist

I have a confession, I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, yet I still wanted to play around with putting together a table setting, because I’m strange that way.  Right after Halloween, these pretty fantasy pumpkins were marked down to $1, so I scooped up a few knowing that I could use them around the house […]

DIY Neon Pumpkins

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, it probably comes as no surprise to you all that I would take Halloween and add a splash of neon to the holiday (to see all of my neon inspired projects click here).  It’s been my favorite way to add color to just about anything […]

DIY Dip Dye Chairs

I’ve been working on completing Hayden’s nursery, and one thing every little kid’s room needs is a little chair. I actually quite adore little chairs and we have about 8 of them in different shapes and sizes all about the house.  I was going to buy him a new one, but instead decided to give […]

Daily Style – Casual Neon

Top – from local boutique Tullemoss; Pants – James Perse; Sandals – Sam Edelman I’m running out of button up shirt options for ease of nursing.  Good thing I love the ones I have.  This shirt last made an appearance at a Coldplay concert, and while a day spent at home isn’t as exciting as […]

Nursery Sneak Peek and Artwork DIY

I have a new contributors post up at Making It Lovely, showing you how to recreate these fun and modern pieces of graphic artwork for any room in your house. Now I know what you’re thinking, “does this girl ever stop with the neon?”  Well eventually I’m sure I will, but we’ve decided to use […]

DIY No Sew Leather Pouch

I get a lot of questions on my leather pouch tutorials I’ve done here and here. Mainly it involves sewing leather and how easy or difficult it is to accomplish. I will admit that if you don’t have at least a somewhat decent machine, sewing leather can be a challenge and very intimidating.  So I […]