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Artwork Updates Around The Home + Minted Giveaway

It seems that the majority of my decorating challenges and woes result from what to hang on the wall. After i shared with you all last week that our frames in the family room sat empty for a year before I made a move to add some prints, let me also admit that Hayden was […]

Style Updates Around The Home

We’ve been in this house for 4+ years now, although a few weeks ago I told someone it had been 5, because it feels like 5 to me. My motivation to DIY every nook and cranny of this home, and make it perfectly decorated goes in very short and sporadic spurts. In the past 8 […]

A Land Of Nod Room For My 8 Year Old (Spon)

You may have heard, but as of yesterday, I now have an 8 year old AND a 6 year old. While the concept of time continually blows my mind with how fast it flies, unfinished projects, and projects yet to be started, are blaring reminders of how, if we don’t move with it, time will […]

52 Weeks To Create Week 11 – The Entryway

I’m on a roll ladies and gents and I can’t be stopped. On a roll for me means that I continue to plan. Some action thrown in, but lots of planning. Having somewhat figured out the gallery wall situation, I spent the week browsing prints and ordering a few that I liked. This week I […]

52 Weeks to create – week 2 the bedside office

When I became pregnant with Hayden, I sort of fell apart in regards to a lot of general upkeep of the house, but none so much as the office.  I was never the most organized of people when it came to paperwork, but I at least had a system that I would keep up.  I […]

Thanksgiving Table Setting With A Neon Twist

I have a confession, I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, yet I still wanted to play around with putting together a table setting, because I’m strange that way.  Right after Halloween, these pretty fantasy pumpkins were marked down to $1, so I scooped up a few knowing that I could use them around the house […]

Hayden’s Neon Inspired Nursery

We finally finished Hayden’s nursery over the weekend, just shy of him turning 11 weeks old.  It had been complete for the most part, but I was going back and forth about placement of some artwork.  I’m still not sure I love the placement of the pieces above the bed, but for now I can […]

Rustic Plum Tart

Are you a part of the For the Love Of Facebook community?  Let’s be friends! Truth be told, I haven’t been doing much cooking lately. Okay honestly, I’ve done zero cooking, other than reheating meals, and I can’t remember the last time I tried a new recipe. I used to try at least one new […]

Casual & Neutral Place Setting

I thought since I had the pictures already taken, and the floral arrangement post has received a good number of pins, I’d share another little set up I did over the weekend just for fun.  I know what you’re thinking, “how and why did she do this just for fun?”  Well the kids were swimming […]