Land Of Nod

Making Crafts & Friends At The Land Of Nod

So as it happens to be, really good, awesome things can be stressful too. This past weekend, I led a workshop at the Land Of Nod South Coast Plaza store, and taught kids and their parents how to make friendship bracelets. An amazingly awesome opportunity, but one which had me stressed out quite a bit.  […]

A Land Of Nod Room For My 8 Year Old (Spon)

You may have heard, but as of yesterday, I now have an 8 year old AND a 6 year old. While the concept of time continually blows my mind with how fast it flies, unfinished projects, and projects yet to be started, are blaring reminders of how, if we don’t move with it, time will […]

Hayden’s Neon Inspired Nursery

We finally finished Hayden’s nursery over the weekend, just shy of him turning 11 weeks old.  It had been complete for the most part, but I was going back and forth about placement of some artwork.  I’m still not sure I love the placement of the pieces above the bed, but for now I can […]