Slow-Braised Carnitas Tacos

I grew up in Whittier, a little town about 15 miles outside of Downtown LA with a varied demographic. It’s only about 20 minutes away from where I live now, and being that my parents still live there I “go home” quite often, but each time I do I still get nostalgic as if I’m […]

Kick-Ass Chicken Bone Broth, aka Stock

It seems that currently, you can’t gain access to the healthy living club, unless you know how to make your own bone broth, or as our ancestors referred to it, stock. At first when all this talk started forming about “bone broth”, I figured it was some different magic elixir than the one people have […]

Carrot and Orange Power Smoothie

My husband turned 40 years old this past Saturday. The mental game tied in with the aging process is a strange thing, considering we are literally getting older by the second, but there’s something about hitting the milestones, like 30 and 40, which seem to punch you in the gut a little more and send […]

How To Make – The Perfect Kale Salad

I had my first kale salad over a year ago, at the Veggie Grill. The thing that most surprised me about that salad, was that I actually loved it, and went on to crave it. The biggest problem with that salad is that it cost over $10 once you add some protein, and for a […]

Welcome Fall Pizza Night

It’s often said that we don’t experience seasons here in Southern California, and while we definitely don’t usher in winter with a blanket of snow, or fall with a spectacular parade of changing colors, we do notice slight and subtle shifts in the air. In case you didn’t already know, yesterday was the first official […]