It’s All Good

21 Day Cleanse

I woke up last Tuesday and decided to start a cleanse, and that was that. While the decision came easily and my mind was made up with absolute certainty, I didn’t really just wake up out of the clear blue sky and decide to do this. 2013 was in many ways a great year for me. Family […]

The Day I Met Gwyneth

I realize it’s been weeks since I’ve written a proper post over here. I’ve been in a post-spring break haze, fumbling around, still trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s getting warmer, the sun is out longer, and I’ve been doing yoga every day, so in other words, there have been so […]

For The Love Of A Holiday Party

This past Friday, we hosted close to 50 people for our first holiday party here at our “new” house, which we’ve lived at for 4 years now. It’s what consumed me all of last week, along with a major house organization project, and kept me away from this space. I’m happy to be back this […]

Welcome Fall Pizza Night

It’s often said that we don’t experience seasons here in Southern California, and while we definitely don’t usher in winter with a blanket of snow, or fall with a spectacular parade of changing colors, we do notice slight and subtle shifts in the air. In case you didn’t already know, yesterday was the first official […]

4 Yummy Drinks I’m Making With My Vitamix

I recently acquired a Vitamix Blenderinstead of a juicer after watching the Vitamix dude make a mighty wow-inspiring presentation at my local Coscto. I had my heart set on using my birthday money to buy a nice juicer, but when I saw his presentation I just couldn’t deny that for now, a blender was the […]

My 5 Favorite Juices & Smoothies

While technically Gwyneth didn’t make me actually start drinking juices, she did sort of push me to actually start juicing myself.  When I was pregnant with Hayden I had fierce cravings for citrus, and so I began going to Nektar at least once a week to get their Sublime juice.  The cravings grew into an […]

Gwyneth Made Me Do It

Let me be clear and start by letting you all know that I have a love-hate relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, which leans more towards strong disdain/hate more than the love part.  Not for reasons you would probably guess though.  I’ve loved her as an actress for many years, and like most of the world, thought […]