clean eating

Roasted Chickpeas 3 Ways

Are you ready for one of the easiest, tastiest, most addictive-est snacks ever? Roasted chickpeas, friends, are where it’s at. They are loaded with protein and vitamins. And there’s not room for any guilt with these babies. We roast these by the bucketful…well, not really, but I should. They get snatched up by big and […]

Rethinking Food Prep

I both love and despise food prepping. When done right, it can be a life saver, but when done wrong, it can be a waste of time and money. I’ve had my overzealous times, spending literally all day in the kitchen to prep tons of meals only to watch some of it go to waste. I […]

Clean Eating Swapping Guide

The shift in my kitchen pantry and fridge from conventional products to more nutrient dense, “real” foods took some time. This did not happen overnight, I want to make sure I reiterate to you guys over and over again, because unless your personality can handle it, the “balls to the wall” approach when trying to […]

Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

I’ve been experimenting with adding new snack and breakfast items to my rotation. Things I can grab when I’m feeling hungry but have very little time. Things that will prevent me from dipping into a bag of chips or stopping at the coffee shop and grabbing a muffin. Chia pudding is a somewhat new-to-me concept, […]

For The Love Of A Holiday Party

This past Friday, we hosted close to 50 people for our first holiday party here at our “new” house, which we’ve lived at for 4 years now. It’s what consumed me all of last week, along with a major house organization project, and kept me away from this space. I’m happy to be back this […]

Weekly Clean Eating Meal Plan 2

It’s not in my nature to cook vegetarian dishes. Or rather, it’s not in my level of comfort. Growing up eating an animal protein of some kind for most meals has always left me feeling like it’s the only way to cook, so when I do my weekly meal plans, it takes some concentration and […]

Clean Eating – Getting Started

source The beauty of clean eating is that is highly adaptable to the individual’s specific needs. The only problem with that is that there is no specific guideline and fast and steady rule book telling you how to eat, at what times, and in what amounts. While I appreciate this, I know others may find […]

31 Days Of Clean Eating Made Approachable and Affordable

My first post in my first attempt at the 31 Days series, and I’ve already made a blunder, or two.  I’m starting this a day late, and I’m making the promise to make the series affordable.  Let me see if I can correct and clarify myself. I’ve been writing for someone else, and receiving compensation […]

My Latte Costs More Than A Slab Of Bacon

It seems a bit funny that what started off as somewhat of an experiment, laden with much tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, has turned into a complete lifestyle shift and overhaul in the way I look at, think about and consume food.  In many ways, since I wrote this post just over three months ago, my whole world […]