31 Days of Clean Eating Made Approachable & Affordable

31 Days – Cheers

Over the weekend, my dad told me that he had been diagnosed with pre-type 2 diabetes. As a preventative measure, his doctor was sending him to a nutrition class to help him take control of his health and take the necessary steps through diet, to help him lower his sugar levels. My brother’s reaction was, […]

31 Days – Trading This For That

My friend Miranda likes to say it all started with the placenta pills. Having for years been wound tight type A, with a penchant for organization, the birth of Hayden, and the resulting encapsulation of my placenta, led me down the path of free-spirit semi-hippie wannabe. These days I forget a lot more, I let […]

Weekly Clean Eating Meal Plan 2

It’s not in my nature to cook vegetarian dishes. Or rather, it’s not in my level of comfort. Growing up eating an animal protein of some kind for most meals has always left me feeling like it’s the only way to cook, so when I do my weekly meal plans, it takes some concentration and […]

31 Days – The Language & Ethics & Blah Blah Blah of Clean Eating

I eat clean and I eat dirty Happy Sunday friends. The hardest thing about 31 Days has been writing everyday, particularly on the weekends. I make it a habit of never posting here on the weekend because a) I’m usually too busy with the family and b) If I do have some down time to […]

Weekly Clean Eating Meal Plan

As we head into the weekend, I wanted to get up a clean eating sample meal plan, for those of you that do meal plans and grocery shopping over the weekend. Please keep in mind that I don’t cook every single day and I am a creature of habit, so many mornings I have the […]

How To Make Quinoa Granola & Other Tips

Last week when Martha went a bit crazy and warned everyone to be wary of bloggers, and our lack of experience, I had to chuckle, after at first fuming.  She made mention that many of our recipes and such weren’t all that good, and hadn’t been tested, and even said many were copycats of recipes […]

31 Days – The Real Problem With Maria Kang

Edited to add a disclaimer on 10/22: I find no issue with women taking care of themselves and making their health a priority, nor do I take issue with women in general wearing a bikini at the beach, as some have noted. My issue is that by putting her body on display in such a […]

31 Days – Navigating the Crazy of the Food World

My Writing Elsewhere: People had me riled up this week, and I left some pretty lengthy comments on a few blogs/articles, and wrote a couple of posts over at Babble.  First, I really want parents to stop feeding my kids crap when I’m trying to encourage healthy habits by putting them in sports. Some said […]

Roasted Delicata Squash, Pomegranate & Goat Cheese Salad

To see the entire 31 Days Series, visit here, and to get post updates on Facebook, please consider liking For the Love Of on Facebook. I’ve still yet to get my food acquisition routine down to a science. Currently, at last count, I was buying foods from at least 7 different sources between a couple […]

Baked Chicken Nuggets & Homemade BBQ Sauce

To see the entire 31 Days Series, visit here, and to get post updates on Facebook, please consider liking For the Love Of on Facebook. Getting our kids to understand why we were changing our eating habits was only part of the battle. Getting support from key family members has been the other part. We’ve […]