The Craft Cabinet

52 Weeks To Create Week 16 – 5 Steps To Developing Peace With Your Craft

While much of this post centers around blogging, I hope that it can also be relate able to other parts of life, small business owners, particular handmade, and even parenthood, and the general workplace.  This is my preemptive strike to get you to hopefully stay on and bear with me through the title, and not […]

How To Throw A Watercolor Workshop

Slowly and surely since Hayden has been born, I’ve developed a new routine of enjoying Sunday night on the couch with Art, watching a plethora of our favorite TV shows, which happen to now all appear on Sunday nights. From Downton to Dexter to Mad Men, Sunday nights are now for the couch and cuddling, […]

The Craft Cabinet – Tickets On Sale!

We’re so excited to announce that tickets for the April 12th Craft Cabinet event are now on sale and selling quickly (honest they are, I’m not just saying that!). The event will be held at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton (you can see photos of the shop here), and Brenda Ponnay will be instructing attendees […]

An Exciting Venture Ready To Be Announced!

Last August, 15 days before I delivered a tiny human into this world, Jules and I launched The Craft Cabinet. Over 20 woman gathered together in a charming vintage shop in Long Beach California to eat, drink, craft and be merry. And merry we were. We had just as much (exhausting) fun as our attendees, […]

The Craft Cabinet – Summer 2012

Sometimes the best things are those that are done at the last minute, thrown together spontaneously.  That certainly proved to be the case with the first installment of The Craft Cabinet.  Jules and I are typical textbook over-thinkers, but when you have less than 4 weeks to throw together an event, lest one of the […]