Week In Review – Reasons To Be Happy


Pink Dress Last week I turned 38 and nothing in my life changed. I don’t feel different, sadder or better. 38 isn’t much of a monumental birthday. Not like 35 or even 36, when you go from being mid to late thirties. Or maybe 38 is considered late thirties now? I don’t know. At any rate, I just watched a rerun of Sex In The City, when Carrie is dating Aleksandr and she is tormenting herself whether she should continue to date him, knowing he doesn’t want kids, because she is after all, 38, a fact she reminds us of at least 20 times in that episode. I don’t know where I’m going with that reference, but I guess when I think of where I am at 38, it’s not so bad. It’s pretty good in fact, and it seems silly to worry about lines around my eyes and aching backs, when there is so much to be gosh darn happy about. And celebrate, like birthdays and the fact that today is Good Friday and on Sunday, we can rejoice in the fact that He Is Risen!

Other wonderful things to be happy about include the dress I wore for my birthday dinner. Found at Nordstrom for the great price of $58, it’s by Wayf, and I love the color, the silhouette and the fit of this dress. A great deal, and so so cute in that bright lemon yellow color too!

I really enjoy Joy The Baker, and her roundup of lovely Easter eats from her archives is wonderful.

I shared this post about the newest Parenting Study to be released a couple of weeks back on my Facebook page, but since Facebook only allows .009% of you to even see our posts anymore, I thought I’d share again because it is just too funny and still has me chuckling days later.

This hat I posted on Instagram is still making me laugh out loud, just thinking about it. Is it a lampshade, a flying saucer, a joke? You decide.

Also on Instagram, this progression shot of me over the last year and a half, is pretty much a great reason to celebrate changing our lives for the better, and eating clean!

This Pinterest board of Guys Reading Books is just about the cutest, hottest and smartest board I’ve seen in a while.

Flower crowned Easter eggs. Totally silly waste of time, but so, so cute!

Lastly, my watercolor sprayed Easter eggs were featured on a few nice sites this past week, which I’m always so thankful for!

Have a blessed week everyone, and remember to find something to smile about!

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