31 Since this is a new section on my blog, I’ll be updating it in the coming weeks. I’ll place popular posts that readers often search for, as well as answer common questions that I receive on a daily basis, over on my GMMDI Instagram account. If a post answers a question, I’ll link to that. Please let me know if you have any questions, and if there are any special posts you’d like me to add to this section, for easy reference.

Placenta encapsulation – After dealing with Postpartum Depression after my first two children were born, and taking prescription antidepressants, I decided to try a different route after the birth of my third child, and encapsulated my placenta. You can read Hayden’s birth story here, celebrating the milestone of going PPD free here, and all about the process of placenta encapsulation here.

Juicer Vs. Blender – Originally it was a battle, but now I have called a tie between the two green drink opponents. I love both my Vitamix Blenderand Hurom Premium Slow Juicer and Smoothie Makerequally, but you can read how I decided to purchase which appliance first here.

Favorite juice recipes – I’m building up my arsenal of juice and smoothie recipes, but in the mean time you can read favorites I make with my Vitamix in this post, and 5 great juices/smoothies to start with in this post.

How GMMDI began – How it all began, and how I turned it into a Babble column.

Favorite cookbooks My current favorite cookbooks I reference day in and day out, which have helped inspire and push me along in this clean eating journey.

How I get my quinoa granola to come out perfect – and other important quinoa cooking tips.

Our CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)  is through a San Diego based farmer and the pick up is in the Long Beach area. If you are local and interested in joining, you can get on the list for the monthly delivery by emailing jennysuter@gmail.com. Prices start at $35 for a fruit or veggie box, $55 for both a fruit and veggie box and 1 dozen eggs, and $4/dozen for additional truly free-range eggs. Depending on season and availability, avocado boxes are sometimes also available.

So I don’t feed my kids fast food chicken nuggets or the frozen ones you get in a 50 lb bag, but I do make them these baked nuggets, and they claim they’re better than McDonald’s.

Need help finding a good pair of skinny jeans, if you’re not super uber skinny? Read this post.

Need help finding a one piece bathing suit that you can hang in pool-side? Read this post.

Need help navigating the crazy aisles of Forever 21? Read this post.