52 Weeks To Create Week 9 – Making Plans For The Walls


While last week the largest and most time consuming thing I created was the launch of The Craft Cabinet, I did still spend some time creating a few new things, mainly in the kitchen. I plan on sharing which recipes have been working for me later in the week, but for today I thought I’d share what I’ve been planning for.  Our home, like most, is a work in progress.  While we’ve achieved finished progress on some areas of our home, like our backyard and our garage, even Hayden’s room, most of the rooms in our home are not where we want them to be, and I’m sure many of you can relate.   living-room I posted this picture today on Instagram, and many friends responded how lovely it was coming together.  It was a reminder that our home has made more progress than I would like to admit at times, and certainly more than I give it credit for.  This is a very lovely room indeed and it’s almost close to being complete.  The main bones of the room are pretty much in place.  We love the paint color, Benjamin Moore Thunder.  It sets a nice tone for the room and because it gets good morning light and soft afternoon light, it feels cozy and never too bright or gloomy.  We love our English Roll Arm sofa and the two paisley wing back chairs, as well as the Serena & Lily metallic, suede and hemp rug.  But like the rest of the house, it’s so close but it’s the final little details that are holding it back; mainly art work on the very long wall that runs along the back of the sofa.  It’s hard to tell but right now we just have a cluster of beveled mirrors that are hung off-set above the sofa and look really goofy.  I’m convinced that most of our “problems” with this house being finished lies in the walls.  So I pin gallery wall inspiration pictures almost every day. gallery-wall-5 Walls that have an eclectic array of frame colors, textures and widths.  Set in a symmetrical pattern, they look fresh and interesting instead of scattered and hodge-podgeish.


Pretty gilded frames in different shades of metallics are so glam and would look perfect in the living room in particular.  The similar finish allows some play in the arrangement; not so symmetrical but a bit more random.   gallery-wall-2 Of course a gallery wall doesn’t have to look like a puzzle piece and can look just as funky and eclectic when frames are evenly spaced out.

gallery-wall-4 When hung in a diamond shape, using a mix of black and white frames the look is modern and fresh.

Office-Desk-Wall And look at what we have here.  This photo reminded me so much of my bed side office arrangement with the slanted wall and step pattern arrangement of the artwork and prints.  The problem with all of these inspiration images though, is that I just don’t have enough artwork.  I own hardly any as a matter of fact, so I then want to fall back on family pictures, and realistically how many family photos do we need to see all over the house, just in different arrangements?  So does one just find art and prints off of websites like Etsy and Art.Com, or flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores?  While the set up and pattern of the gallery wall can be easily duplicated, it’s what you actually fill the wall with that stumps me.  Like I said, most of my house problems could be solved with some simple wall hangings, but for now I’ll continue to plan and look for inspiration.  In the living room, however, I did finally order the pillows for the sofa and so textiles will all be compelte then.  Sometimes it’s just taking the time to get things finished, like ordering 3 pillows to set on the couch.

Untitled-3 One last thing I worked on just because I was feeling the need to try and bring some color to my dining room, was make some floral centerpieces using fake flowers found at Ikea, and floated in glass jars filled with distilled water, inspired by this pin.  While the process was easy and the effect is pretty, I don’t love the look overall.  Good for a party or a wedding, but not good for a home where the risk of filled to the brim water containers overflowing with the not so gentle nudge of a rambunctious kid can spell disaster at any moment.  Proof that sometimes not all pins turn out as you’d hope.


Finally, this is the gift bundle (not all items are shown!), for the #52WeeksToCreateMar Instagram challenge.  The chance to win $100 worth of my favorite craft supplies by tagging all of your “create” photos on IG with the hashtag.  Remember that anything you make or do, including home decor and organization, new recipes and crafts and DIY count and can be tagged!  You can also regram this photo, found in my feed, for extra entries.  Remember, I’m @fourflights and I’d love if you left your IG name in the comments so I can follow along if you plan to play!

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  • Gilit says:

    Love this challenge! I am so in. My IG is @shoesoffpls
    also….I feel ridiculous but how do you “regram”? (I’m hanging my head in shame)

  • Joy says:

    I have a bit of the opposite problem: tons of art and books and not enough furniture. Finding art is certainly a process (they don’t call it “collecting” for nothing), but there are some easy ways to get started.

    Etsy is great, of course, but I recommend 20×200. It’s an incredible way to be exposed to so many lovely artists every day. Some I love, some I don’t, but I’m better for having seen their work and understanding their point of view. When Jen started the company it was to make art more approachable.

    Frame your photos. I know you have beautiful landscape shots from the beach and camping – plus they hold your dear memories. Frame an “abstract” made by your kids. Two of my favorite pieces are “just” color photocopies of my grandmother’s baptism and confirmation certificates. They were different sizes, but full of red and gold artwork, so I put them in the same size large gold frames and had the mats cut to size. I’m sure you have something analagous!

    This is getting long, but I think you get the point: art is EVERYWHERE. Flea markets, children’s school events, your photos, online, etc. If you love it, buy it. You can make it all work together easily just by using mats and frames that coordinate with each other and your space. Good luck!

  • My IG is @thegoadabode
    I just went to the craft store on my way home from work to pick up a few supplies for projects I’ve been hoping to work on!

  • kristen says:

    hi andrea, can you tell me more about the prints on your living room wall?

  • Susan G says:

    “So does one just find art and prints off of websites like Etsy and Art.Com, or flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores?”

    Yes. 🙂 So I can’t out an outfit together like you can (I wear the same pencil skirts and sweater sets from Talbots almost every day to work – just vary the colors!) but I can decorate walls! If I were a little closer than Florida I’d come over and help.

    I don’t have much wall space – small house, many windows, lots of bookcases, but from where I sit I can see 5 paintings by my grandfather, 3 by local artists, 1 by my husband, 4 from thrift shops, and several professional photos of my daughters. In the kitchen, which I can see from here, are 5 etsy prints. Two of my absolute favorite etsy artists are Geninne and MatiRose Studio. I also have a framed card by Katie Daisy (The Wheatfield) on my mantel. I love unframed stretched canvases, and the prints are framed in plain white frames from Michaels (similar to the Ikea frames people like so much but we don’t have an Ikea).

    Have fun – I’m envious that you have so much wall space to decorate!

  • Gallery wall! YES! I am dying to do one too! I am so in the beginning stages of decorating my home that it is overwhelming! I think you have the eye, my friend! Don’t second guess. 😉

  • Andrea says:

    Hi ladies, particularly Joy and Susan! Thank you so much for your responses. I want you to know that they were very helpful and really got me thinking. I ended up going to Target last night to start my frame collection. I figured out that part of my hang up in printing pictures and ordering prints was that I had the excuse of “what size to order?”! Now I don’t have that excuse because I started a good collection so now I can start ordering prints! I’m really excited to start creating some interesting and inspiring spaces on my walls now. Thank you both!

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