Inspiration: Color Me Mint


1. sweater 2. shirt 3. belt 4. pants 5. shirt 6. scarf 7. blazer 8. dress 9. jacket

Walking into Zara the other day, I was hit with a subtle explosion of pale pastels, including a predominance of MINT!  It’s funny how each season an “it color” emerges, and this spring season is all about the freshness of mint.  Add the color in subtle doses of a tee, tank or belt, or go for an overall look with fun pants or a pretty dress.  Don’t be afraid to wear the color back to all white, black, gray or even a simple navy.  It’s the perfect color to transition from the hot days of summer to the cool fall nights too.  Here are some of the many options Zara has in store and online right now.

P.S. I got my subtle does of mint in the jersey blazer pictured in #7.  Mint not available online but in store, and seen on me here.

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  • Jules says:

    If people think of me when they see pink or yellow, surely they must think of you when they see mint green. I can't look at that color without immediately thinking of you! 🙂

    (It's a HORRIBLE color on me, by the way. I wore it once in the 80s and never heard the end of it from my mother.)

  • jane lim says:

    i love your blog, it is comfortable.

    i love the color of mint too, a feeling of clear and young

    jane Lim

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