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Sole-Society-Shoes It’s been an emotional week at home, with various bits of school drama happening and news that one of my mom’s close friends has breast cancer. It was a heavy week, even though we had a lot of good teaching and talking moments each day. I feel a bit fried though, and am looking forward to a glass of wine tonight, as I make lots of yummy juices for tomorrow’s event at Chartreuse. Anyone coming? 11 am – 2 pm? I hope so!!  A few things to share this week –

Newest obsession – my Sole Society Perin booties in Tan arrived yesterday, and they are adorable. Perfect heel height, fit, and the suede is pretty nice for a $79 pair of boots. I’ll wear these a lot as we transition into Spring.

What I read in January – Thanks to finally downloading the Overdrive app, which allows you to borrow books from the library straight to your Kindle or other reading device, I deveroued several books. Most of them were Young Adult, which tend to be quicker reads anyhow, but it felt good to start off the year reading more and scrolling through my iPhone less. The Lunar Chronicles are fantastic and fun, about a cyborg princess and the future of Earth, it sounds wacky but for a non sci-fi girl like myself, I’m really digging them. I’m already on the third book, Scarlet, and loving it as well. Start from the beginning though and read book by book, as the series are closely connected. Cinder – The Lunar Chronicles Book 1  and Scarlet – The Lunar Chronicles Book 2

Lunar-Chronicles I also read this beautiful book about ballet, love and life, titled Astonish Me. I couldn’t put it down.

When You Reach Me was another fun young adult book about time travel. A great quick read when you want something to get engrossed in this weekend.

I also finally started the Serial podcast and am only 3 episodes in, so no spoilers, but am I the only one who feels a little weirded out that so many are being entertained by this true crime “story?”

A few interesting reads I came across this week –

Can binge watching your favorite TV shows make you depressed? I’d say it can for a short period of time. Art and I both felt a little empty after we binged on House of Cards and Breaking Bad last year. Interesting phenomenon.

Big government control, or a much needed measure for the good of public health? Things are heating up in California over the measles outbreak.

And what I’ve been cooking up, or dreaming of cooking up in the near future –

This sounds like a Cosmo I can get behind, thanks to Ina of course. I can’t imagine hers being sickly sweet or tangy, like so many bartender concoctions or premixes are.

This Chipotle copycat lime cilantro rice is spot on, and I’ve whipped up a batch twice in the last week. A unique cooking technique I’ve never used for rice makes the texture fantastic.

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  • Tracee says:

    As a Baltimorean and a lawyer, I was riveted by the Serial podcast. But what has creeped me out is how people do a Serial “tour” of all of the landmarks from the case…Best Buy, Woodlawn HS, Leakin Park, etc. It’s BIZARRE!

  • Catherine says:

    I agree with you- it’s hard to find a good cosmo outside of the house. I make Ina’s except I sub lemon for lime and Cointreau for Triple Sec (it’s what I had on hand originally) and now I am spoiled for all others. You should definitely try them!

  • Jodi says:

    Love the overdrive app!

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