It’s Been a Year and I Still Don’t Look Like Gwyneth


Anna Quindlen Quote Things at Babble have been in transition for the last couple of months, and I haven’t been posting as much as I once did, and it has been nice to have a bit more time to dedicate here, and I hope you’ve noticed. Lots of new recipes as well as the prep work that went into the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, most especially the Clean Eating Swapping Guide, which I hope many of you have found helpful. This month I’m only writing 2 articles at Babble, but they’re two that I feel especially good about, and I hope you’ll pop over to visit.

When I write, I write from my own perspective, garnered from my personal experience this past year. So when I published this article on the 5 Diet Fallacies Too Many Women Still Believe, in my head I was right and that was that. Someone over in the Andrea Made Me Do It Facebook group agreed with all but 1 point, and shared her own personal experience with a juice cleanse, and what a positive effect it had on her, most especially her sugar cravings. It was great to hear a different perspective, and it just goes to show how truly unique each and every one of us are, and why not one diet fits all. This is why the notion of following strict diets, and expecting the same results across the board, can be detrimental to our health, but physical and emotional. That’s just my very humble opinion anyhow.

Last weekend we spent a few hours on the canal with friends, and I tried paddle boarding for the first time. It was such a great day, and when we got home I looked at some of the photos Art took of me paddle boarding and jumping into the canal, with my skimpy bikini. I’ll be honest guys, for a few minutes I felt really, really bummed. My stomach looked not how I “wanted” it to look, and my butt looked bigger than the one I look at in the mirror. After I spent one too many seconds feeling down, I took a deep breath and mentally gave myself a smack across the face. I will not allow myself to fester in that negative body image crap, and all those stupid emotions turned around into some positive feelings after a few moments, and I subsequently wrote this piece on being okay that after a year of drastically changing my diet, I still don’t look like Gwyneth. Honest, honest, I feel great in my skin 99.9% of the time, and while every now and then some negative crap sneaks in, I’m able to sucker punch it into oblivion.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy some celebrating with the important dads in your lives.

See you back tomorrow for gasp, an outfit post!

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