For the Love Of Laughter

In light of the heaviness of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d share something that made me smile yesterday, and keeps making me smile every time I watch it.  Hayden just started laughing a couple of weeks ago.  I’m terrible about recording all those moments the second they happen, so we’ll just say he started giving […]

Moving Too Fast

I’ve never understood woman that loved having a newborn. The sleep deprivation, the constant fussiness and the rocking and shushing and swaying and bouncing that goes along with it. The sore breasts and sore back from being hunched over feeding an infant for at least half of your day. I honestly didn’t believe them when […]

For the Love Of – Sweet Baby Hayden

It occurred to me today that I hadn’t taken any pictures of Hayden with our proper camera since we’ve been home!  So I remedied that this afternoon by getting his belly nice and full and shooting a few pictures of my sweet boy when he was happy.  He continues to melt my heart every day […]

9 Months On, 9 Months Off

I had planned on getting back to blogging this week, but it just didn’t happen, and I’m okay with that. I’ve needed the week to bond with baby without any distractions, and just rest. When feeling up to it, I’ve also accomplished a few projects around the house. I have been Instragramming quite a bit […]