9 Months On, 9 Months Off


I had planned on getting back to blogging this week, but it just didn’t happen, and I’m okay with that. I’ve needed the week to bond with baby without any distractions, and just rest. When feeling up to it, I’ve also accomplished a few projects around the house. I have been Instragramming quite a bit though (I’m @fourflights) and it’s been fun posting pictures of sweet baby Hayden, and my pursuits in trying to dress comfortably and appropriately for my postpartum body.

I’m not in a rush by any means to “lose the baby weight”, never has been my style, rather I give myself grace that it took 9 months for my body to morph into what it did, and will take at least that to get back to “normal”.  By the way, in case you’re curious, I gained 43 pounds this pregnancy, the most I have ever gained, but I honestly felt the best I had ever felt, proving that sometimes numbers don’t mean a thing.  And I have no idea how much I have to lose now since we don’t own a scale.  But I do want to dress in a way that flatters the shape I have right now, and also make use out of the clothes in my closet, instead of feeling like I have to run out and buy a bunch of new clothes.  So for now my formula for dressing are elastic waistbands, which I actually have a lot of, button up or loose fitting shirts, and comfortable shoes with an edge.  The outfit above is a perfect example; elastic waistband stretchy skirt with the added bonus of a ruched side panel to hide the tummy a bit, a loose fitting and casual button up pocket shirt that is lightweight considering we still are experiencing hot weather, and good ol’ Chucks, because they’re fun and hide toes that are in need of a pedicure.  Nothing fancy, but just dressed enough for me to feel good. Another look that I love is the slouchy laid back feel of a pair of elastic waist “sweatpants”, and a button up nehru neckline, loose fitting shirt.  I was comfortable all day in this look, but still felt like I had got dressed for the day.

And since I’m not getting really “dressed up” much these days, I have been having fun playing with some new makeup finds and polish changes.  This recent acquisition from AG is stunning, in a sparkly midnight color.  Any new colors for fall you’ve fallen in love with this season?  Please share! And to round out the assortment of pictures for today, I’d like to share some Hayden cuteness. This little guy is melting my heart every single day and I am feeling overjoyed and blessed to be his mama.  He is truly a sweetheart, and so far the easiest baby I’ve had.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to getting back to regular posting soon.  Thank you for your understanding though while I rest and spend time with Hayden.

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  • Jill says:

    I just got my nails done with “Carry On” by Essie and I’m loving it! I deep burgundy brown 🙂 http://www.essie.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=394

  • Veronica says:

    You look great and baby Hayden is such a sweetie! I’d love to hear some recs for comfortable shoes with an edge.

  • amber says:

    we pretty much have the same postpartum style. comfy cute w/ an edge but no desire to go out and buy new clothes for the “transitional” stage. I didn’t even bother to find out how much I gained w/ Carson because I enjoyed it for the most part (until the bitter end when I was puffy and didn’t want to wear pants; downside of a winter pregnancy)
    anywho – enjoy this time and all the cuddles and baby bonding you get to do!

  • I think the fact that you got dressed at all this week is pretty spectacular! : )

  • kristen says:

    Soak it in! You deserve this precious time with him!

  • nicole says:

    Gah, he’s so sweet. I think being kind and patient with yourself is the only way to go. Love your style too.

  • Carly says:

    I am going to a family thing tomorrow and it will be my first official day leaving the house other then to run to Target…so I will be posting similarly about what to wear post partum…I am planning to still wear my pregnancy leggings and then lose fitting tops…going to throw on killer accessories to downplay the not so tight tummy, hahah…but also feel as you do…it took a while to put it on…so no immediate pressure to take it off…plus I am breastfeeding and pumping and it truly is leaving me RAVENOUS! omg.
    Hayden is adorable…
    all for now.

  • Lori says:

    I love your take on losing the baby weight. I think women get in too much of a hurry and don’t give their body time to adjust. You look amazing, mama!!!

    As for polish, I am loving navy!!

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