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In light of the heaviness of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d share something that made me smile yesterday, and keeps making me smile every time I watch it.  Hayden just started laughing a couple of weeks ago.  I’m terrible about recording all those moments the second they happen, so we’ll just say he started giving the single little “chuckles” at about week 13?  It wasn’t until yesterday though, as I was sitting with him on my lap, and his big brother came in and started waving an envelope in his face, that he started to laugh for real.  That hearty little hiccup laugh where it goes on for a few beats.  It was simply magic hearing those sounds come from his little body, and seeing how delighted Syd was to be the cause of it.

Syd has been slower to warm up to Hayden.  There has not been jealousy per se, but you can tell that at times, he was wondering how to insert himself into the new dynamic of our family.  Taylor instantly swooped in as the natural caregiver, next to mom and dad, and literally treats him as her own living baby doll.  Syd however, has no such interest in holding him much, changing diapers or picking out his clothes.  Yesterday though it seemed to click with him what his role was, and what part he’d play in the development of his baby brother; cohort in laughter and jokes, and all around nutty, goofball behavior.  He seems to be pretty pleased with that role.

So now I present to you a little laughter.  The video is terrible in quality, but high in heartwarming.  I hope it makes you smile just a little.  Note that the first 1:30 of the video is me recording Syd, and then my mom walked in and was able to record the three of us, so you can see Hayden’s cute little laughing face.  Feel free to ff to that part if you wish, I won’t be hurt.  🙂

IMG 3415 from Andrea Howe on Vimeo.

Good day to you all.  And also, I continue to update ways I find to help those in Newtown on my For the Love Of Facebook page if you are interested.  Today I linked a lovely blog post written by a member of the community, as well as information about the town’s Rotary Club and how they’re helping those with funeral costs.

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