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I’m speaking at the Penelope Lane Boutique & Blog Conference this morning and I’m nervous.  I’ve spoken in front of audiences hundreds of times (as part of my old job regularly presenting the line to clients, speaking became 2nd nature to me), but when you haven’t done it in a while you start to feel a little rusty.  I know a few minutes in I’ll get my groove going, but those first few minutes are always the most nerve wracking aren’t they?  I’m passing out a print of this quote to all that attend my talk, in hopes of breaking the ice and to help secure a good review.  You can’t be disappointed in someone who gives you gifts right?  Ha!

So please wish me luck and think good thoughts for me at about 11 am PST today.  I’d appreciate it!  A few things I’ve enjoyed (and written) this week…

For the girl we love to hate on her 40th birthday – the Goopster GP

Funny stuff on Instagram and the mockery of Fashion Week – Follow Me!

Amazing photos – National Geographic Photo Contest

Post Maternity Shopping – These pants were a splurge for me but they are amazing & have an elastic waistband!  I already have 5 outfits envisioned with them.

I’m a crier – 10 baby books that choke me up every time

Then & Now – How I’m taking care of myself differently this time around

Hayden turned 4 weeks this week say what!?! – An update

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Hope you all have some fun stuff planned?!  Anyone?  Good stuff coming up next week on the blog so stay tuned!

Andrea Howe

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