James Perse

DIY Chunky Neon Necklace

Chunky, multi-chain necklaces continue to make bold statements in the world of accessories, despite the arriving femininity of spring, and that’s just fine by me.  I always love adding something a bit ‘heavy’ to balance out a delicate outfit or a simple sweatshirt (my favorite one will forever be the raglan baseball sweatshirt from James […]

Daily Style – Green & White

{Jeans – Gap Maternity; Sweatshirt – James Perse; Silk Blouse – J. Crew; Wellies – Hunter; Necklaces – DIY; Glasses – Warby Parker} Style post shoots don’t always go according to plan, especially when you have kids.  They jump in the shot, your photographer gets distracted, pictures come out blurry, clouds take over the sky […]

Daily Style – Mint Pick

{blazer – Zara; shirt – Zara; pants – James Perse; heels – ShoeMint; cuff – Nordstrom; leather pouch – American Apparel & see my DIY option here} I gave a sneak peek of this blazer in my post on Saturday, but here are some better shots of my mint purchase of the season.  Jules mentioned […]