Neon Week

Real Women Wear Neon Too

Neon week is officially over and I hope you’ve enjoyed all the fun projects every day.  May I now be known as the Neon Queen…before we end though, I wanted to just include a few of my favorite pictures of real women wearing neon.  If you don’t feel bold or brazen enough to wear neon […]

4 Simple DIY Neon Tote Ideas

I make a lot of canvas totes, rather, I dress up a lot of canvas totes. It’s been an obsession of mine for a couple of years now. And yes, I do use them all. I give them away as gifts, use them as gift bags, use them as grocery bags, overnight bags for the […]

Graphic Neon Shirt

(neon t-shirt – Mossimo DIY’d by me; jean jacket – Nordstrom; jeans – Gap Maternity; shoes – ShoeMint; bracelets – vintage) I don’t think I ever told you guys just why I’m so excited about neon making a resurgence, have I?  Well plain and simple, it’s the first trend I clearly and distinctly recall being […]

DIY Chunky Neon Necklace

Chunky, multi-chain necklaces continue to make bold statements in the world of accessories, despite the arriving femininity of spring, and that’s just fine by me.  I always love adding something a bit ‘heavy’ to balance out a delicate outfit or a simple sweatshirt (my favorite one will forever be the raglan baseball sweatshirt from James […]

DIY Neon Rhinestone Bangles

These bangles are simple and inexpensive to make, and are great stacked together, or worn singly with your watch.  They’re excellent for gift -giving as well. Supplies: bangles (get them in stacks at places like Forever 21 or Target), embroidery floss (Michaels had a small selection of neon floss), rhinestone chain, hot glue and scissors […]

DIY Glittery Neon Notecards

A few months ago Tristan, Jules, Danni and Miranda gathered at my house for a crafternoon.  Tristan brought her beautiful stationary supplies from her shop including her heavy cardstock and Kraft paper envelopes and taught us how to make these amazing glittery notecards.  At the time we used holiday inspired colors, but when I saw […]

For the Love Of Neon – Inspiration Board

Are things bright enough for you over here?  Welcome to neon week, a week long celebration of neon inspired style posts.  All week long I’ll be sharing fun and simple DIY’s with a style post or two that will help you incorporate a bit of this bright trend into your life in a  modern way. […]