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When you’re passionate about something, especially if it involves anything somewhat businessy related, I’ve found it helps to have a partner in crime.  With each of the companies I’ve worked at before, I always had a person or two that I could go to and bounce ideas off of, share frustrations, share things I was happy and proud of.  Someone that just “got it” because they were in the same boat I was.  In blogging my partner in crime I’ve found is Jules.

We joke that I stalked her for a while before she agreed to meet with me.  She’s a self-proclaimed hermit, and I’m the gal from Sales that wants to make friends with everyone I find interesting and fun.  In fact just last week I invited two bloggers out to lunch that I’d never met before just because I think they would be fun to hang out with.  I asked Jules several times to meet me for lunch before she finally agreed.  I think I told her “This is the last time I’m going to ask you to lunch before I start to take it personally.”

Anyhow, I promise there is a point to all this.  Over a year later, Jules and I have met countless times now for lunch, dinner, even my baby shower.  And we’ve shared a 400 square foot room at Camp Mighty.  We’ve gotten pretty close considering she originally didn’t want to have anything to do with me ha!  A few weeks back I was at her house and while the kids were playing we were brainstorming about things we’d love to do with our blogs.  She had the idea to create this Pinterest type party where ladies would bring all the makings for a project they’ve pinned and we’d set aside time for them to create said project.  A type of creative, networking/mingling type of event where local bloggers could meet and be productive.  A few nights later at home I struck up a conversation on Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in joining us for such party.  There was some interest, so I emailed Jules and said “I’m bored.  Kids are in bed and Art’s working, so I’m going to get this Pinterest party idea of yours going.”

Two weeks later and here’s the scoop:  We’re doing it!

We have a date and time: Friday August 17th at 6:30 (that’s 13 days before my due date in case anyone is keeping track)

We have a venue: Salvage Life in Long Beach, California – a darling vintage boutique centrally located between Los Angeles and Orange County.

We have a purpose: Create a project you’ve pinned.  Bring along all the supplies you’ll need to create a project (nothing too huge or food related please), and we’ll set aside time to sit, chat and craft!  If you want to come and don’t really have a project in mind that you want to create, or don’t have time to get the supplies, no problem!  We’ll have some supplies on hand to make some cute and easy DIY’s.  Think Neon Gliter Notecards and maybe some type of bracelet?

What else have we got?: There will be food, drinks and merriment!  Duh.  Jules and I would never plan something without food and drinks!  We’ll also have swag bags for those that come, and a big company having to do with one Tori Spelling, will be providing some door prizes.  You won’t go home empty handed!

Cost: Well while we’d love to do this all for free, we are charging Twenty dollars to help cover the costs of food and fun.

Get yourself signed up!: You can do that right here.  Space is extremely limited so don’t delay in getting yourself a spot!

Andrea, who created that lovely invitation?: Tristan from Besotted Brand created the whole thing from start to finish, including our logo.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  She is one talented lady with more taste in her pinky finger than I have in my whole body.

I hope to see you there.  I am somewhat of an extrovert so if I meet you for the first time, don’t be surprised if I give you a big fat hug.  I sort of have trouble with knowing my personal space boundaries, so warn me ahead of time if you don’t want a hug.  So please join us and spread the word, bring a friend!

Andrea is the founder of For The Love Of, a lifestyle blog dedicated to approachable, modern living. She writes about style, her love of DIY, and living a healthier life through wholesome, nutritious cooking. She is also a regular contributor at Babble. Get in touch: Facebook, Twitter You can find Andrea on Instagram @andreavhowe and @gwynethmademedoit

  • Jules says:

    Hah! That’s exactly how it all happened. You are the one that turned my musing into a reality.


  • Deirdre says:

    So jealous that I don’t live near you because that sounds like a blast! XO

  • Lori says:

    Soo sad I’m not in California!! I’d love to come and craft… And hug that baby belly of yours! Lol

  • I’m so excited I found you in my Mingle magazine!!! I own a shop in Indiana called Modern Charm and I carry all handmade from Crafters and Artisans..I’ve recently started my own “Charm School”…all craft classes you find on Pinterest and mixed media canvas classes!So far it’s been a hit…would love to have you to bounce ideas:))
    Would love to try this Party idea seasonally for anyone who wants to join. YOU totally inspired me…if I lived closer I would meet you for lunch!!

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