Secret Agent Josephine In Paris


Blogging allows you to meet, both virtually and in real life, some really talented people.  Some have a gift for writing, some for crafts, some for art, and some for all of the above.  Brenda is one such talented blogger who I now call a friend and have had the pleasure of getting to know.  Remember when she taught the last Craft Cabinet and even I was able to get my watercolor on?  So when Brenda asked if I would mind reviewing her book on the blog, without hesitation I said “Mind?  Of coursssseee not, I would love to!”

The book, titled Secret Agent Josephine in Paris is about a mom and her daughter, who set out on an adventure to obtain craft supplies and catch an art thief.  If you’re craft and/or a craft blogger, you will love this book because of all the cute crafty references.  If you’re a girl, you’ll love this book.  Turns out, even if you’re a boy, you will love this book. Secret Agent Josephine

There’s a new super spy in town! Secret Agent Josephine may not look like a super mom, but when she goes to work, bad guys better watch out for her crafty tricks. In this Secret Agent Josephine adventure, our heroine travels to Paris to scope out some new craft supplies and stop an infamous art thief. Donning disguises and stocking up on the tools of her trade, Secret Agent Josephine tracks the thief through the streets of Paris. But when she’s spotted, will her crafting skills be able to get her out of a jam?

IMG_0811 IMG_0814   Coincidentally, my kids have taken up quite the love of spying lately, so our advanced copy of this book arrived just in time.  A few weeks ago we found spy journals in their rooms, with very detailed notes of things us grown ups were doing at night, when the kids were supposed to be sleeping.  Since they have digital clocks in their rooms, the entries were even time stamped, with some marked as late as 10:30 at night; 2.5 hours past their bedtime.  They’re quite good at it too, because we never heard a peep from them while they were engaging in their illicit spying, and the notes are quite detailed, down to word for word written accounts of our conversations.  Needless to say, this could be a problem right?  And when Taylor got a her first pair of “heels” that she wore on Halloween, the first thing she said when she was breaking them in at home was, “These sure do click clack a lot, I won’t be able to wear these for spying.”  Oy! IMG_0818

So back to the book.  The kids Looooove it, both of them, and have read it a few times in fact.  The illustrations were all done by Brenda and are so unique and colorful and fun.   The story line is fun and Taylor and Syd both love how some pages have notes and writing here and there.  They like to make sure they get it all covered.   My favorite part is where SAJ knits an escape scarf with her high heeled boots.  I also love that since I know Brenda in real life, I can see so much of her personality jump through the pages.  But even if you don’t know Brenda IRL, you can still get a sense of who she is and what she loves; her daughter, adventure, crafting and macaroons. IMG_0819

The book is out today and is available in hardcover and as an ebook, wherever books are sold, and at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.   Grab a copy, a cup of French Roast and enjoy!  And a little proof of their nightly spy missions; these are just 2 of their many spy notebooks they have squirreled away in their rooms.   Needless to say, since finding this out, Art and I have been very careful with our conversations post bedtime. IMG_0820 IMG_0821

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