Sweet Pastels


(lilac nails – Lucky Lucky Lavendar by OPI, ASOS maternity top)
After all the bright shades of neon last week, I have to say Easter pastels never looked so refreshing.  In the form of fresh flowers from our local florist, sweet desserts or pretty pastel nails, our Easter was very sweet.  We hosted our family for lunch after church.  Service was wonderful, and the afternoon was relaxing.  The weather was even warm enough for the kids to swim most of the day, an added bonus to that being my house remained relatively clean ha!  I hope your holiday weekend was blessed!  Back tomorrow with an outfit post.  Until then, happy Monday!  p.s. hop on over to my life blog to see a bit more of our Easter.  Oh and I made those birds nest dessert things and I have to say, they sure make for great photo ops, but definitely not my favorite.  Way too sweet for my liking, and they melted almost immediately after removing them from the fridge.  I used this recipe and it’s good if you like sugary sweet, but I’ll always be more of a savory gal.  Did you make any Easter dishes you loved or were disappointed in?

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