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forever21 It’s been a wonderful week here and at home.  First, big news on the home front – Hayden started walking for real! And over here, I felt extremely encouraged by you all this week, so thank you for that.  I dedicated a good amount of time here and wrote a couple of pieces I’m very happy with, and the time paid off.  Thank you for your feedback and interaction here, on Twitter and on Facebook – 2 spaces that have been quite dusty for a while.  Yesterday on Facebook, I asked for input on laser hair removal: “Laser hair removal. How painful is it? On a scale of 1-10? And how much worse is it than waxing? My good friend just got her PA in dermatological studies and wants practice . Considering the bikini area.”

The responses I received were hilarious, terrifying, and encouraging to give it a go.  Read some below:
“Can I volunteer to have her practice on my chin?? Seriously … the older I get.”

“I did it years ago, so maybe it’s gotten better since then, but it was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful on the downtown.”

“Not bad at all, and took less than 5 minutes. So much better than waxing (doesn’t feel like it took the skin off with the hair!)”

“I’m obsessed with laser hair removal. I’ve had numerous spots done on my body and will continue. It definitely hurts. Numbing cream really does help. But it truly is worth the pain.”

“I’ve had it done and like to believe that I have a high pain tolerance. To me it was excruciating, no way I could return for 2-3 more treatments. They do say that the darker the hair the more it will hurt. Still wincing thinking about it 10 years ago.”

And then I received a couple of cautionary texts from a good friend JJ:
JJ: “When the laser touches your labia, you’ll want to punch the lady in the face. It’s no joke. Also, 10 years later and I’m waxing again. It’s thin and grows slowly, bit it doesn’t go away forever….
Me: “Oh My God do they have to do the labia?!?”
JJ: “If you want the Brazilian. If not, it’s still hot enough to make you curse. Ask them if they use ice cubes. NEVER go when you’re hormonal.”
Me: “You’re killing me!
JJ: “No, your pikachu will kill you if you laser it off!”

So there you have it friends. I think I’ll try one session and see how I do. I have given childbirth drug free, however, I’m well aware that using child birth to compare other pain to is not accurate, since we have a hormonal response to giving child birth that tends to put us in a zone. God did not plan for such hormonal response when getting our pikachu lasered off. Would you try it? Have you tried it? What did you think?

Around the Web:
In response to my question, a friend sent me this article on the downtrend in Brazilian waxes. I personally have been waxing so long, that when I let it grow out, it becomes so uncomfortable to me. Is that weird?

The scary infographic on the result of the anti-vaccine movement. I have a few really, really good friends who are anti-vax and it never bothered me. But hearing others stories makes me wonder if this is something we should all be up in arms about, or are we stepping over the line, demanding parents to do something they’re opposed to in the name of public health?

I’m not a Monkee, but this post from Momastery is incredible. What this teacher is doing won’t fix bullying, but it’s a damn good place to start.

On a lighter note, I had the pleasure of meeting Stacie, the founder and woman behind the handmade shop Gingiber at Alt. Her product is fabulous and I’ll soon be adding this tea towel to my prop drawer.

Mer Mag is coming out with a toy and craft book and it looks FAB!

Super sweet Valentine’s Day printables by Oleander and Palm

And lastly, you may have caught my post this morning on Instagram, but in case you didn’t, the photo above is why grown woman should never shop the front of the store at Forever 21. Rule number 1! Front and center is where they put all the super trendy items, like these horrific pants. Which btw, who thought these were a good idea to bring back, anyhow? My eyeballs are still bleeding. If you need a refresher on how to shop Forever 21 as a grown woman, read my post.

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  • Laura says:

    I will never be able to look at Pikachu the same.

  • Jules says:

    Don’t laser your vag! I can’t stress this enough. Wax, trim, cut, weed whack, sure, but do nothing permanent(ish). I worked in healthcare. 80 year old bare vaginas look like 80 year old bare vaginas. Besides, God gave us hair for a reason. Some of us more than others. *cough*Demi Moore*cough*

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